Organization registration form for Hyderabad 10K Run 2018

On this page, you can submit your request to partner with Surge Impact Foundation for Freedom Hyderabad 10K Run (FH10KRUN). Please make sure to provide all the details and we will get back to you shortly.


The following are necessary, to make you eligible for partnership with Surge Impact Foundation for FH10KRUN

***Note: All the registrations from organizations are to be made through Website only.

Your Organization should have:

  1. If Not-For-Profits
    1. Certificate of Registration (Societies Registration Act 1860 / Public Trust Act / Section 25-Company's Act)
    2. 12A registration certificate under income tax
  2. If Social Enterprises
    1. Certificate of Registration (Partnership / Proprietorship / Pvt Ltd, etc)
    2. Service Tax Number
    3. PAN Card
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Raising Funds for Cause/Project

Please enter the details of the project you are raising Funds for through FH10KRUN. If you have multiple projects please submit separately.

Explain why and for what are you raising Funds (Please limit to 300 Words) *

1) Problem Statement: Define the problem or issue you are working to address. Be more specific with Numbers, Target group and Geographic Location 2) Project Description: Summary of the project, including how it addresses the above problem 3) Request Summary: Brief description of how the funding requested will be used. Be specific and include a brief summary of project finances 4) Success Factors: Summarize the goals and how you will measure the program’s success. This should primarily be data, numeric evidence and metrics directly related to the above Problem Statement

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