Yuvatha Society
Yuvatha Society


Mission B - The Objective of Mission B is to collect and recycle 35000 kg wastepaper to 1 lakh note books and distribute them to kids in government school across Hyderabad.

Raising: Rs. 3,50,000 /-

Expected no of Beneficiaries: 17,000 Destitute Children

Raising Funds for:

The goal of this project is to aid the destitute kids to get quality education by providing notebooks, free of cost. Mission - B is designed to address the problems in education and environment and help in solving them together. This will be achieved by collecting 35 tonnes of waste paper and recycle it to make 100,000 new notebooks. These notebooks will be distributed to the kids studying in government schools for free of cost. We had a huge success from this project last year and we have improved our processes with the required corrections to ensure that the help is reached to the needy. It costs around 3 rupees to make a new notebook and 50,000 for the transportation and logistics of the 100,000 notebooks that we will be distributing. Considering the very high success rate, we are planning to make this initiative a continuous activity in the future to make more and more kids see their dreams happening. We request you to donate as much as you can and help us as well the kids in achieving an intellectual and a sustainable future.

About the Organization:

Yuvatha is a change, a motto, a contribution an impact in building the society that inspires better living. From being a group of individuals to a non-profit organisation registered under civil societies act under 339/11. We have grown multiple folds since its inception. As are four chapters to every beautiful story, there are three to the organisation: Eco Hub, Helping Hands, Gifting Future and Blood Brigade. Though operating at two locales — Hyderabad and Guntur, the foundation pillars of Yuvatha have been laid by students at Hyderabad, and to this day it remains an NGO directed and administered by students.

Vision & Mission:

Yuvatha is born and bred for the sole purpose of giving back to the community.With hundreds of events and campaigns, we have been successful in attending the needs of almost 10000 people so far.Adopting shelter homes, oldagehomes, reforming public properties, investing in eco friendly purposes, improving the education standards in various homes. Our aim is to reform the society and put in function through 4 chapters which have define set of goals and work restlessly towards achieving them.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Our organisation is always keen on building young leaders who always keen in working for the betterment of the community and thus create a space where they can learn and improve the skills in various projects. As a volunteer in the organisation he can choose any of the vertical 1.Eco Hub - Environmental Issues, 2.Helping Hands - Social & Family support to 1400 kids, Gifting Future - Ensuring quality education and an inspiring future, Blood Brigade - Fulfilling the blood requirements.

Yuvatha Society (Not For Profit)

2nd Floor, 1-7-139/72/A/1, Srk Nagar Golconda X Roads, Musheerabad. Hyderabad

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Email: yuvathango@gmail.com