Tharuni Swecha: Cycle to School!

Raising: Rs. 500000

Expected no of Beneficiaries: 100 Underprivileged Girls

Raising Funds for:

1) The Census 2011 states that the dropout rate of girls in Telangana is 38.21%, which is quite worrying. Lack of safety, Mobility and the fear of being eve-teased are the main reasons for girls to discontinue school. The dropped out girls either end up married before the legal age or struggle as Child Labourers. Even worse, they are trafficked. Education is their only means to challenge the odds, and "Cycle to School" is making it a reality! 2) To help more girls go to school daily, Tharuni, through its "Cycle to School" initiative aims to donate at least 500 bicycles a year to girls from economically poor families. No more travel hassles, as they will be more independent and empowered in their fight for education. The Cycle to School initiative prevents not only school dropouts, but also eventual child labour and child marriage of the girls, and potentially stops trafficking. 3) The funds will be utilized to purchase 100 bicycles and will be distributed to the selected needy girls from rural villages of Telangana state. Each cycle will cost Rs. 5000 which includes transportation to the concerned villages. The bicycles will be given to the girls who are studying in classes 6th to 9th, belonging to below poverty line families and are at the verge of dropping out from the school. 4) Through 'Tharuni Swecha - Cycle to School Campaign for Girls', as more girls are empowered with bicycles, they are educated and hence prevented from being married off at a young age. Lack of transportation and concerns of distance will no longer bother girls who wish to pursue their education. As a result, the dropout rates are minimized and female literacy could be improved in the long run. Tharuni has distributed about 500 bicycles in the last two years and closely monitors the beneficiaries through the balika sanghas and with the support of their school teachers.

About the Organization:

Tharuni works for the welfare of adolescent girls and women since 2000. Tharuni has successfully run many campaigns against child marriage, child labour, infanticide, trafficking and child sexual abuse by setting up balika sanghas in the rural villages of Telangana. Through balika sanghas Tharuni was able to transform the lives of 16000 girls over 19 years. Tharuni could stop hundreds of child marriages, bring new legislation, working closely with government in rehabilitating victims of child marriage, labour and abuse. Tharuni is the technical partner for an integrated rape crisis centre - Bharosa run by Telangana police.


Empowering Adolescent Girls, Women and Aged to build a better world where there is no Discrimination.


To make the adolescent girls and women attain their rightful place as equal partners with men in development, by fully harnessing their potential.

 Tharuni (Not For Profit)

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