SAHE-Live The Lakes
SAHE-Live The Lakes


Live the Lakes

Raising: Rs. 15,00,000 /-

Expected no of Beneficiaries: Communities around the lake​

Raising Funds for:

We are a not for profit society known as Society for Advancement of Human Endeavor (SAHE). We rally and activate communities around several social causes. Since 2016, we have been actively engaged with water related issues.

Specifically, an initiative to recharge deep borewells through terrace rainwater collection (Save10KBores) and Lake conservation (Live the Lakes). We would like to draw your attention to the pathetic state of the lakes in Hyderabad. Largely considered to be a city of lakes with about 170 lakes in the city area. There are few very large lakes including the two drinking water source lakes and the large lake in the middle of the city – Hussainsagar. There is sewage being dumped into this lake, there is a sewage treatment plant encroaching the lake bed. Authorities, NGOs and concerned citizens must join hands to come together to ensure the survival of our lakes though - Grassroots Awareness and Community Engagement, Community Activities Around The Lake.

The lakes might never be restored to their former glory like in ancient times but we must do what we can to protect our water bodies from any further damage.

About the Organization:

In order to create social impact worth remembering, it is necessary to bring together a group of people that share a similar outlook. Whenever a compatible group comes together and decides to make a difference, it needs a community to support, encourage and back it. The collective resources of a community are critical to make a success out of an initiative.

The idea of mobilizing the enthusiasm and leveraging passions of the city folk to begin work on a relevant social problem is what gave birth to SAHE (Society for Advancement of Human Endeavour, pronounced SAHI, the Hindi word for correct).

SAHE is a not for profit society. Our team realized very early on that a worthy social movement can only be created if it were sustainable in nature. Therefore involving different stakeholders across the lifecycle of a project would create a model of philanthropy that is sustainable in nature. While selecting the cause, care has to be taken to understand what people feel very strongly about, what affects them and what will kindle their minds.

The values of SAHE are around

  • Integrity –upholding the trust that our stakeholders place in us through honesty and ethical practices
  • Empowerment - empowering the community to create social impact themselves
  • Sustainability - focus on sustainable long term solutions
  • Innovation - enable stakeholder collaboration to find innovative solutions that may not be conventional solutions. 

Besides, philanthropy, SAHE supports several events across the city.

Vision: Create a better future where every individual finds the right path towards success and contributes to make the society a better place for all

Mission: Build a sustainable model of philanthropy through community involvement to create positive social impact

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Live the Lakes: 25 volunteers for Awareness creation, Research and Community Engagement activities for 3 months with Good communication skills

SAHE (Society For Advancement of Human Endeavour) (Not For Profit)

A 507, Jayabheri Orange Country, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Contact: 9949996254