Nirmaan Organization-School Adoption and Youth Employment Program
Nirmaan Organization-School Adoption and Youth Employment Program


School Adoption Program & Youth Employment program

Raising: Rs. 6,00,000 /-

Expected no of Beneficiaries: 3,000 Underprivileged Students and 1,500 Youth

Raising Funds for:

  1. Problem Statement: (School Adoption Program) Underprivileged students go to government schools, but, the infrastructure is pathetic and academic standards are very low. (Youth Employment Program) Many youth, especially, girls from economically poor families, even though, complete education in difficult circumstances, are not able to get employed due to lack of basic fundamentals in computers, english and domain skills. 
  2. Project Description: (School Adoption Program) Nirmaan adopts government schools for 3-5 years of time and develops into model school in infrastructure and academic standards. Nirmaan is currently working with 50+ government schools. (Youth Employment Program) Nirmaan runs Skill Development Centers for economically poor youth, especially girls, in the age group of 18-27 years. Here, training is imparted to the youth and placement opportunities are provided. Nirmaan currently runs around 10 skill centers. 
  3. Fund utilization summary: (School Adoption Program) We are targeting to raise 3 lakh rupees towards School Adoption Program targeting 3000 children. This contribution goes towards funding deficit to implement the program successfully. (Youth Employment Program): We are targeting to raise another 3 lakh rupees towards Youth Employment Program targeting around 1500 youth and women. This contribution also goes towards funding deficit for program execution. Project finances include infrastructure, part salaries of the teachers to take up special programs like art based learning program for kids, towards part salaries of trainers for placement linked programs for youth, also towards part salaries of program monitoring staff, accountant staff, external audit to ensure transparency etc., 
  4. Summarize the metrics: (School Adoption Program) we measure by increase in the no of kids get enrolled in the school, decrease in the no of kids who dropout from the school, increase in the academic levels of every child (Youth Employment Program): we measure by no of unemployed economically poor youth who get trained, no of youth who get jobs after successful training completion

About the Organization:

Nirmaan organization is a registered NGO started by the students of BITS pilani in 2005 working in the areas of Education, Livelihoods and Social Leadership. From the past 11 years Nirmaan could touch the lives of more than Two lakh plus direct beneficiaries, Five lakh Plus Indirect beneficiaries, with 100+ full time employees with 250+ lakh worth of Social impact projects executed through 5 Flagship programs& social innovations and 30+ projects targeting Children, Women, Youth and Farmers from diverse social backgrounds across 8 states of India.


To build a Knowledge driven economically empowered Society.


To promote grassroots social innovations, volunteerism, active citizenship and social leadership among the youth of the Nation.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Government School Adoption Program, Youth Employment Program. No.of Volunteers: 100 per month. Nature: Teaching, Motivational Speeches, Guest Lectures to the children, Work readiness Training(Mock Interviews). No special skills are required. Willingness to Volunteer.

Nirmaan Organization (Not For Profit)

Flat no 202, Plot #916, Preethi enclave, Ayyappa Socoety, Madhapur, Hyderabad

Contact: 9961871112