LifeOfGirl - Let's make Hyderabad the safest city

Raising: Rs. 10,00,000 /-

Expected no of Beneficiaries: 10,000 women 

Raising Funds for:

Women security in Hyderabad. We are trying to ensure women safety and curb the crime rate against women . First direct beneficiaries would be working women and hostel staying college students. The project on whole is to create an ideal extended family for every girl that makes her life better. Our first step is to solve the above stated problem using our INSTANT SECURITY and SAFE HEAVEN concepts. Where a girl is in Hyderabad we can provide her a safe place to resort to for some time whenever she is unsafe; at point of emergencies we immediately alert the nearby volunteers to her even before the police arrives. We are building native mobile applications, website for which we have costs. Salaries of employees and the rent to be paid to office. Other costs related to travelling for presentations , video making and others add up. Primary goal is to on-board 5000 volunteers and train them. We also aim to improve the number of website users for relevant information to at least 10000 girls and help them with the needed.

About the Organization:

LifeOfGirl is a mission to cater right information and security to every female just like the other basic amenities. We aim at creating an ideal extended family that can support HER all through the her life cycle. SHE needs authentic information about her own body, health, goals and many other things ; SHE needs protection she needs safety and freedom to move around just like her own house(ideal case) ; SHE needs support to reach her goals. In an ideal situation her family and friends fill this gap but in reality the above ain't happening. We are here to solve it, we are creating an ideal extended family for her using technology and human community to achieve this.

Vision & Mission:

Our vision is that lelping others is not our choice, it is our Duty. Our mission is to create an ideal extended family for every girl out there.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Instant security is a special part in LifeOfGirl to ensure women safety. The number of volunteers required are 5000 in Hyderabad. Their work will deal with women's security. In emergency situations, you will be intimated and required to be present at a victim's location. You aren't required to do anything, presence would be sufficient ; maximum a phone call to police explaining the situation. Duration for volunteering is five days. Once you register, you get a small training program on how to react to different situations. From then on you would be sleeper cells, we would need you only in emergency situations.

LifeOfGirl (Social Enterprise)

T-hub, IIIT campus, Gachibowli

Contact: 8309509427