Inqui-Lab Foundation
Inqui-Lab Foundation


Ignite the sprit of innovation in 1000+ students from Govt. and budget private schools

Raising: Rs. 500000

Expected no of Beneficiaries: 1000

Raising Funds for:

Inqui-lab Foundation aims to design interventions that ignite the spirit of creativity,innvoation & problem-solving in the students. The World Economic Forum too suggests that 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. Additionally, skills like Problem Solving, Creativity, Critical thinking are rated as some of the top skills required in the industry. An IBM Global study of 1500 CEOs has identified ‘creativity’ as the #1 leadership competency of the future. From the evidences and researching findings from NCF and other global reports critical 21st century capacity building is not focused upon in our schools. No fear of failure, empathy, and initiative are essential complementary mindsets but the pedagogy at schools is not designed for them to build these skills and become future-ready. Inqui-Lab Foundation is working towards creating a sustainable model to address the issue. With the current project we will be able to reach to 1000+ students of the budget private schools & social welfare schools. Where the students will be participating in our innovation cycles - where in they get to participate, learn collaborate,design ideas and working on creating a prototype of their ideas in teams. The Innovation cycles engages them in process of design thinking & problem solving approaches, each cycle will be of 6-8 weeks in duration. Each week a facilitator/mentor will be visitng the schools and mentor the students with the faciitation of the program , each student group (a team of 3) will be provided with the innovation tool kit ( Books, Hand tools, design tools , Basic electronics, Sensors, Stationary & Structural materials) . The funds raised will be utilised to support the cost of training and resource kits (costing around Rs.500/year for a student). Having worked with 3500+ students we have witnessed the potential of student ideas and looking to impact 1000+ students , with expectation of 1500+ ideas and 250+ student projects to address real world challenges and identifying 50+ student champions of innovation.

About the Organization:

Inqui-Lab Inventions Foundation, a non-profit section-8 company with a vision to nurture a culture of self-reliance 7 problem-solving designs interventions that focus on building 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, social innovation and design thinking in children. The objective of this program is to help students work on problem statements, imagine and submit original ideas and build prototypes –thereby nurturing creativity, problem-solving and innovation.Inqui-lab has partnered with 2000+ children across government & private low in-come schools, social welfare schools and community centers last year and currently working with a focused group of children from Govt.High schools, a budget private school and Social welfare residential schools in Telangana.


Vision: Nurture next generation as grassroot problem solvers who can contribute meaningfully to communities.


Create platforms and interventions for the young minds to build a culture of innovation & problem solving.

Volunteering  opportunities:

1. Project Potential - 30 , Nurture creative potential of the children through mentoring & supporting through the course of the program. Duration: 8 months, Skills: Experience in teaching/conducting workshops will be helpful, design & prototyping skills. 

2. Media & Filming - Caputre the stories of the young innovators and the challenges around and present to the world around, Duration: Min.1month - 8month, Skills: Digital media & design tools, experience working in communications & content development.

3. Product development- Collaborate with the students and bring students idea to a full scale product/soluton; Duration: Flexible as per project needs, Skills: Product design & prototyping skills.

Inqui-Lab Foundation (Not For Profit)

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