Cricket Association for the Blind in Telangana
Cricket Association for the Blind in Telangana


CABT is the controlling authority of Cricket for the Blind in Telangana, the aim of the organization is to develop and organize cricket tournaments, skill enhancement at all age groups in rural & urban areas. therefore it is an ongoing project which requires financial support to meet the expenses.

Raising: Rs. 50000 and above

Expected no of Beneficiaries: 250-300 Blind Cricket Aspirants

Raising Funds for:

Sport for the blind is a rightful pursuit, and a platform for physical and social development. The visually impaired like anybody should have the opportunity to be a part of sporting glory. Cricket in India is a religion and visually impaired are no exception. The visually impaired are equally passionate about cricket and overcome great odds to play the game. In order to create the opportunity in organizing cricket tournaments eventually, implies huge funds.

About the Organization:

CABT was formed with an objective to use competitive cricket to enable the visually impaired to look at life positively, gain in confidence and strive to be winners than being dependent and to broaden their outlook by providing scope to grow socially on par with normal stream society. Cricket gives them a chance to socialise with people of various cultural backgrounds and use the game as a medium to demonstrate their potential. CABT is working hard towards the development and spreading awareness about Blind Cricket among the public. For last one year, CABT has organized various level of cricket events which have gained abselute attention not only from the players but also from MNCs like F.T., Amazon, TTCL, TCS, Colruyt, Cognizant, IBM, RTI and others.

Vision and Mission:

To bring social inclusion of socially deprived by game of cricket

Volunteering Opportunities:

Development & Organizing Cricket tournament,Volunteers 15-22 who could train the players in coaching, communication skills, personality development etc,. on every weekend for 2-3hrs.

CABT(Not For Profit)

Project Website :

Project Office Address : Plot no.68, Phase-2, Road-2,Agriculture Colony, Hasthinapuram, R.R Dist, Telangana Hyderabad, 500079

Contact Full Name : Mahender Vaishnav

Contact Designation : General Secretary

Contact Phone Number : 9989990596

Contact Email :