Aashirwad E.M High school & Disha-Chord High School

Raising: Rs.50000/-

Expected no of Beneficiaries: 800

Raising Funds for:

The main challenge is to adapt the children gradutaing from the remedial school into a formal education environment at our mainstream facility. Disha-Chord High school is the first of it's kind,pioneering access to quality formal education for urban deprived children and rescued child labourers. 

About the Organization:

CHORD is a non- profit and non- political relief and development organization.

Vision and mission:

Ensuring every child is in school and learning with dignity. To implement a robust,replicable and sustainable three fold community development model to eradicate illiteracy and alleviate poverty by educating children.

CHORD (Not For Profit)

Project Website :

Project Facebook Page : www.facebook/chordindia

Project Twitter Handle : www.twitter/chord_india

Project Office Address : Plot.No.496,flat.No.106,Nagasuri Enclave,Gokul plots,Opp.Blooming Dale's School,Kukatpally,Hyderabad,India-500072

Contact Full Name : R.Laxman

Contact Designation : Principal

Contact Phone Number : 9951203157

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