5- Gender Equality

Cause: THARUNI SWECHA – CYCLE TO SCHOOL CAMPAIGN FOR GIRLS Raising: Rs. 10,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 200 Underprivileged Girls Raising Funds for: Tharuni Swecha is an initiative by Tharuni is has come up with the ‘Cycle to School’ programme to facilitate the dream of pursuing education for many young girls, even in the remotest of places in Warangal & Hyderabad. The Cycle to School programme was born to bring hope, strength and a vision of empowerment to the under-privileged children in support of their fight for education. Background: India is considered to be the largest democracy in the world and this right of the citizen had helped the Telangana movement to gain momentum on the grounds of social justice. Three years after its formation, the State is still facing some major challenges to improve literacy and control the dropout rates particularly among Girl Children. Telangana has several institutes of higher education and universities along with numerous primary and secondary schools. However, the Census reports from 2011 show that Telangana has varied literacy rates among its districts, with Hyderabad being the highest at 83.25% and Mahabubnagar with least at 55.04%. The overall dropout rate in the state is 38.21% among the students who are studying from Std I to X, which is definitely bothersome. About: To address this issue, Tharuni (www.tharuni.org) has come up with an initiative ‘Tharuni Swecha’ - Cycle to School campaign to facilitate the dream of pursuing education for many young girls, even in the remotest of places in Warangal & Hyderabad. The Cycle to School programme was born to bring hope, strength and a vision of empowerment to the under-privileged children in support of their fight for education. Highlights of the initiative include:  Cycle to School is a mission to increase literacy among economically poor students, besides instilling a sense of confidence in building a bright future. Cutting across the odds of the lack of transportation in villages, which are resulting in school dropouts, through Tharuni Swecha programme, Tharuni is donating bicycles to girl children to help them attend school daily. Through this initiative, “Tharuni-Swecha” plans to donate at least 500 cycles to school-going girls every year. This year Tharuni could donate nearly 100 Cycles till today. Tollywood Actress Ms Rakul Preet Singh stands tall as the brand-ambassador for this initiative. Event Approach & Financials: The cycles bought from the funds raised shall be distributed on the event day. The Budget required is Rs 20,00,000/- for 400 cycles. (Each cycle would cost Rs 5,000) About the Organization: THARUNI’ was started in 2000, by Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer and her mother as a small effort. However, today, Tharuni blossomed into a Forum for the Girls where they can get the required support for all their basic needs. ‘THARUNI’ means a young woman. Being a Non – Governmental organization, it works for the all round development of Adolescent Girls, Women & the Aged. Tharuni aims to educate the girl to enjoy a higher self-esteem and greater say in decision making, to marry at a right age, and play a major role in social development. Tharuni also focuses on ensuring the well being of women at all stages of their lives.   Vision: Empowering Adolescent Girls, Women and Aged to build a better world where there is no Discrimination. Mission: To make the adolescent girls and women attain their rightful place as equal partners with men in development, by fully harnessing their potential.   Volunteering Opportunities: Documenting Tharuni Milestones No of Volunteers -5 Nature of Work: Video graphing Duration: 1 - 2 months Special Skills: Writing the content, Filming & Editing Tharuni (Not For Profit) H. No: 10-2-10, Flat No: 323, Maturu Co-Operative Housing Society, AC Gaurds, Beside SBI, Lakadikapul, Hyderabad Website: www.tharuni.org Contact: 9849418592 Email: mamatha@tharuni.org https://www.facebook.com/Tharuni.org https://twitter.com/Tharuni_org
Cause: 'U-Lead' initiative for promoting quality education of under privileged kids by involving volunteers across the city in teaching kids. Raising: Rs. 1,20,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 300 Underprivileged Students Raising Funds for: Problem Statement: need for motivation to make a career and counsel the kids to shape their career path, while maintaining quality education.Targeting students of class 6-10 in Rasoolpura slum. Project description: Bring about the connection between volunteers from higher educational institutions by tie ups with them and arranging graduates as counselors to motivate kids and teach them. Request Summary: Funding will be used for stationary, digital equipment such as projectors, stipend for counselors and education and awareness camp organization. Success Factors: By direct impact on the students grades, competitions and feedback from family and personality assessment tests we wish to measure the impact created. About the Organization:   Kriya sangh society is an NPO based in Rasoolpura, one of the largest slum in Hyderabad with over 1 Lakh population. It aims at providing innovative solutions to problems faced by lower income society with specific reference to health, hygiene, skills and livelihood and environment. Vision & Mission: Kriya Sangh Society envisions a society in which marginalized and deprived sections of society have equal opportunities of development on par with mainstream and are fully empowered in terms of access to entitlements in areas of health, education and livelihoods. We strive to promote innovative ideas in these areas and implement a wide range of activities to sensitize the community and strengthen public delivery systems by linking community to government for entitlements. Volunteering Opportunities: You-Lead initiative- required 12 volunteers to work for 2 hours for a min of 4 weekends. Skilled in communication, motivated and passion to work in the sector. Kriya Sangh Society (Not For Profit) 1-35-306/307 Beside e UPHC near Govt High School Gunbazaar, Rasoolpura, Secunderbad Contact: 9347010276 Email: nayeem4all@gmail.com Website: www.kriyasangh.ngo https://www.facebook.com/kriyasangh/
Cause: Help Girls Stay in School Raising: Rs. 1,25,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 150 Underprivileged Girl Students Raising Funds for: An adolescent girl is a potpourri of contrasts. While she's still a child, she is changing into a woman, though she seems waif-like, she is bursting at the seams with fire and energy, though she is just learning to dream, she is straddled with societal pressures and patriarchal mindsets charting the course of her life. Girls from socially and economically backgrounds are especially vulnerable since they stand to be pressured to drop out of school and get married! These girls feel no ownership, of their bodies, their minds or their future. However, given the right tools—critical information about health, safety and basic rights, life skills and agency—these girls can reimagine their lives. At VOICE Camps, we provide this information to adolescent girls through fun, activity-based lessons. In our endeavor, we look to you all for help. A single VOICE Camp for 30 girls costs Rs. 25,000; this includes the cost of camp supplies, colourful camper books, stationery, stipend paid to counsellors and transportation costs. We are looking to raise funds for 5 such camps! Why VOICE Camps?  VOICE's fun, interactive curriculum exposes 13-15-year-old campers to: Critical knowledge topics such as basic health, safety, rights, self-awareness, and future planning  Action-oriented life skills like interpersonal skills, leadership, problem-solving, independent and critical thinking ability  Communicative English skills which provide campers with a marketable skill that can increase education and employment opportunities  Because campers have limited mobility, VOICE transforms low-income private and government schools into girl-safe environments. Through these camps, adolescent girls are given the tools to make informed choices and negotiate for their rights to stay in school and delay marriage. About the Organization: VOICE 4 Girls is an NGO that works with adolescent girls from disadvantaged communities to provide the critical knowledge, life skills and spoken English that they need to take charge of their lives. Vision: One day all girls will take charge of their futures, and work towards breaking harmful cycles of economic, social, and gender inequality in their communities. Mission: To enable marginalized adolescent girls in India to take charge of their futures by imparting critical knowledge, spoken English, and life skills through activity based camps. Volunteering Opportunities: VOICE relies heavily on young female volunteers (college students are ideal) who are trained to teach young girls at ten-day camps. Interested candidates can apply from our website or through our Facebook page. VOICE 4 Girls (Not For Profit) House No.8-2-672/1/C,135, 2nd Floor, Road No#13, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Contact: 9566100949 Email: malini@voice4girls.org Website: http://voice4girls.org/ https://www.facebook.com/voice4girls http://www.twitter.com/voice4girls
Cause: Looking Within Leaders for Change Raising: Rs. 9,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 200 Underprivileged Youth Raising Funds for: Rubaroo a Hyderabad based youth organization through its Looking Within: Leaders for Change programme will work with adolescents (13-18 years) to create awareness about Early and Child Marriage. These adolescents will be from under-resourced communities from across Hyderabad. Most of the girls and boys in this programme come from families who cannot afford higher education and therefore, are forced to either be married off early or are forced to work owing to family conditions. The funding will be used to design and implement a year long intervention with the participants. The budget would include: design, facilitation, logistics, coordination and refreshments for workshops and exposure programmes for the participants. The goals of the program will be: To build an understanding on the issue of early and child marriage as a form of gender based violence in participants. To work around the SDG Goal no 5 to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. To create a space for the participants where they can understand themselves and the world around them better. To inspire the participants to understand the importance of having aspirations, to build upon their dreams and aspirations and develop a learning plan to achieve these aspirations. To develop the capacity of the participants so that they can make informed choices and take decisions about their lives, be able to negotiate their life decisions and handle conflicts. To develop leadership skills in each of the young participants. To identify 30 peer ambassadors who will carry out Social Action Projects in their schools/communities to create awareness about Early and Child Marriage and promote SDG Goal no 5. Impact Measurement Tools: Baseline and Endline Assessment Personal Interviews Focus Group Discussions with stakeholders Case Studies Feedback forms About the Organization: Rubaroo is a youth development organization based in Hyderabad, India since 2013. Rubaroo works with young people and people who influence them, inspiring leadership for social change. Rubaroo aims to be an empowering space where young people co-create the space to understand themselves better, understand issues that are relevant to their lives and surroundings, take up action in society and build better relationships, to become socially conscious leaders in their own capacity. The key to achieve change in society and work around social issues is by working with ‘soch’ i.e thought process that has been influenced by culture. Therefore, in order to create social and psychological impact, one needs to work on mindset change. Rubaroo does so by creating experiential learning opportunities through a non-threatening and deeply reflective journey. Rubaroo has been awarded the Queen's Young Leaders Award,2016. Vision: To create an inclusive, just, and equitable world where individuals transcend boundaries through a genuine engagement with the self and the society. Mission: It works with the mission of creating a platform that is a safe and inclusive space for young people to access opportunities of learning and self-development. Volunteering Opportunities: Looking Within Leaders for Change, Rubaroo with Gender- 5-10 volunteers, trainers, documentation, publicity, social media Rubaroo (Not For Profit) 6-3-903/A/3 , 2nd Floor, Surya Nagar Colony , Raj Bhawan Road, Hyderabad Contact: 9168491163 Email: monisha@rubaroo.org www.facebook.com/RubarooHyd Twitter: @RubarooHyd
Cause: LifeOfGirl - Let's make Hyderabad the safest city Raising: Rs. 10,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 10,000 women  Raising Funds for: Women security in Hyderabad. We are trying to ensure women safety and curb the crime rate against women . First direct beneficiaries would be working women and hostel staying college students. The project on whole is to create an ideal extended family for every girl that makes her life better. Our first step is to solve the above stated problem using our INSTANT SECURITY and SAFE HEAVEN concepts. Where a girl is in Hyderabad we can provide her a safe place to resort to for some time whenever she is unsafe; at point of emergencies we immediately alert the nearby volunteers to her even before the police arrives. We are building native mobile applications, website for which we have costs. Salaries of employees and the rent to be paid to office. Other costs related to travelling for presentations , video making and others add up. Primary goal is to on-board 5000 volunteers and train them. We also aim to improve the number of website users for relevant information to at least 10000 girls and help them with the needed. About the Organization: LifeOfGirl is a mission to cater right information and security to every female just like the other basic amenities. We aim at creating an ideal extended family that can support HER all through the her life cycle. SHE needs authentic information about her own body, health, goals and many other things ; SHE needs protection she needs safety and freedom to move around just like her own house(ideal case) ; SHE needs support to reach her goals. In an ideal situation her family and friends fill this gap but in reality the above ain't happening. We are here to solve it, we are creating an ideal extended family for her using technology and human community to achieve this. Vision & Mission: Our vision is that lelping others is not our choice, it is our Duty. Our mission is to create an ideal extended family for every girl out there. Volunteering Opportunities: Instant security is a special part in LifeOfGirl to ensure women safety. The number of volunteers required are 5000 in Hyderabad. Their work will deal with women's security. In emergency situations, you will be intimated and required to be present at a victim's location. You aren't required to do anything, presence would be sufficient ; maximum a phone call to police explaining the situation. Duration for volunteering is five days. Once you register, you get a small training program on how to react to different situations. From then on you would be sleeper cells, we would need you only in emergency situations. LifeOfGirl (Social Enterprise) T-hub, IIIT campus, Gachibowli Contact: 8309509427 Email: lifeofgirl.team@gmail.com Website: www.lifeofgirl.org www.fb.com/lifeofgirl2020
Cause: SIF One Helpline Number and Weekly Counselling Sessions Raising: Rs. 1,20,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 5000 men Raising Funds for: Men are facing issues with false dowry harassment, IPC 498A Domestic Violence and other cases. There is no platform for men to provide support and assistance to face the challenges that arise due to false cases. Weekly Counselling Sessions in Hyderabad and over phone across the country. About the Organisation: Save Indian Family Hyderabad is taking active part in Save Indian Family that promotes, associates with formation of various NGOs that intend to work for Men’s welfare and strongly believe in replacing the word Men/Women by Person and Husband/Wife by Spouse in any Government law/policy. Vision: Gender Equality and Family Harmony Volunteering Opportunities: Volunteers are required for counselling over phone and during weekly counselling sessions. We also need volunteers to spread awareness on men's issues and law. Save Indian Family - Hyderabad (Not For Profit) 10-3-18/7, East Marredpally, Secunderabad - 500006 Contact: +919490807274 Email: edlaramesh@gmail.com Website: http://www.saveindianfamily.in/ Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/SiffHyderabadAp/ Twitter: @SIFHyderabad