3- Good Health and Well-being

Cause: To early identify Hearing Impaired among New Born, infants and children. Raising: Rs. 2,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 30 Infants/Children per day Raising Funds for: Procuring branded and imported Pediatric Audiometers for hearing ccreening of infants/children at maternity hospital wards and rural camps. About the Organisation: Meenakshi Venkatraman Foundation - Ear to Hear established in 2013 is carrying out free New Born Hearing Screening in Gandhi Hospital since Oct 2013. It has so far screened 80000 babies in 4 Govt Hospitals of Hyderabad. It also does Diagnosis , Intervention and Rehabilitation of Born Deaf children all free of cost.Currently impacting the State of Telangana. Meenakshi Venkatraman Foundation (Not For Profit) 164,10-3-085/6, Street no. 3, Teachers Colony, East maredpally, Secunderabad Contact: 9849028854 Email: gvsethu@yahoo.co.in Donations are eligible for 80 G exemption.
Cause: First 1000 days.....SAVING EVERY NEWBORN Raising: Rs. 3,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 545 Underprivileged Children Raising Funds for: The problem: In 2015, more than 2 children (below 5 years) died every minute in India. As per WHO, 45% of the under-5 children die in the first 28 days of birth. More than 50% of these deaths can be prevented or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions. Global research says that adoption of a few key practices (colostrum feeding, exclusive breastfeeding in first 6 months, immunization etc.) can significantly reduce child deaths & malnutrition. Lack of effective ways of knowledge dissemination is a major contributor as to why these practices are not followed in tribal regions. Project Description: In each village, we empower resource-person (local) –Swaasthya-Saathi (SS), generally an ASHA worker–with a tablet loaded with highly impactful videos. We use the power of ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) towards robust monitoring & evaluation, and for effective scaling-up. We sustain the change by building capacities of various community institutions like VHSNC (Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committee). We follow a 4-step model: EDUCATE --> ORGANIZE --> CHANGE --> SUSTAIN Request Summary: This fund would be used majorly for building technology infrastructure, R&D and building systems necessary for scaling up operations to 100 villages. Impact Metrics: Reduction in Neonatal mortality, infant mortality & U5MR are the primary goals of this initiative. We look at below parameters to monitor our regular progress: OUTPUTS: Number of Pregnant women, Lactating mothers & other people educated about the key practices in the first 1000 days  Reach: Number of villages & the population impacted Number of hours of learning that has been facilitated  OUTCOMES: Adoption of key practices like Pregnancy checkups, Institutional Deliveries (%), early & exclusive breastfeeding, child immunization etc. About the Organization: ‘I DO’ is a for-impact organization started by a young team of PMRDFs (Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows) and professionals from diverse fields who are alumnus of IITs, BITS-Pilani, FMS-Delhi etc. Our aim i to accelerate the transformation of India by creating a movement of social leaders. Vision: An India where every citizen enjoys JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY & promotes FRATERNITY among all. Mission: To create a movement of social leaders and synergize their efforts to transform India. Volunteering Opportunities: 1) 'First 1000 days' - 4 - Content writing, posters designing - 3 hours/week (Not For Profit) 2nd Floor, 6-3-364/16, Surya Square Apartment, Panjagutta, Hyderabad-34 Website: http://www.ido.org.in/1000days/ Contact: 9110779976 Email: rajesh.tamadapally@gmail.com http://fb.com/idomovement
Cause: Free Medical Health Camps for all age groups Raising: Rs. 1,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 1000 people from Urban & Rural areas Raising Funds for: Free Medical Health camps across Pan India Drive in urban and rural areas. About the Organization: VKS Sharanya Welfare Society is a humble initiative of Mrs Veena Prakash Singh and Kartik Singh both from a very simple ordinary family, always cherished a better dream not only for themselves but also for the immediate surronding to share happiness around and give to others whatever best they can in their reach. Vision: To provide the most useful and ethical solutions-guided by values driven approach to the growth, in social, educational, economic improvement of the people. To work with ethical value based solutions towards client service and employee development activities.   Mission: To work with determination in order to bring sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor and undeserved classes and responsibly contribute to improve the development in health of education & skill sectors of the impoverished. Volunteering Opportunities: Blood donation and medical health camp, 10 volunteer. VKS Sharanya Welfare Society(Not For Profit) 10-5-39/5 Masab Tank, Opp Rock Church, Hyderabad Contact: 9000995687 Email: projects.vks@gmail.com Website: www.vkssharanyasociety.in https://www.facebook.com/pages/VKS-Sharanya-Welfare-Organisation
Cause: Live the Lakes Raising: Rs. 15,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: Communities around the lake​ Raising Funds for: We are a not for profit society known as Society for Advancement of Human Endeavor (SAHE). We rally and activate communities around several social causes. Since 2016, we have been actively engaged with water related issues. Specifically, an initiative to recharge deep borewells through terrace rainwater collection (Save10KBores) and Lake conservation (Live the Lakes). We would like to draw your attention to the pathetic state of the lakes in Hyderabad. Largely considered to be a city of lakes with about 170 lakes in the city area. There are few very large lakes including the two drinking water source lakes and the large lake in the middle of the city – Hussainsagar. There is sewage being dumped into this lake, there is a sewage treatment plant encroaching the lake bed. Authorities, NGOs and concerned citizens must join hands to come together to ensure the survival of our lakes though - Grassroots Awareness and Community Engagement, Community Activities Around The Lake. The lakes might never be restored to their former glory like in ancient times but we must do what we can to protect our water bodies from any further damage. About the Organization: In order to create social impact worth remembering, it is necessary to bring together a group of people that share a similar outlook. Whenever a compatible group comes together and decides to make a difference, it needs a community to support, encourage and back it. The collective resources of a community are critical to make a success out of an initiative. The idea of mobilizing the enthusiasm and leveraging passions of the city folk to begin work on a relevant social problem is what gave birth to SAHE (Society for Advancement of Human Endeavour, pronounced SAHI, the Hindi word for correct). SAHE is a not for profit society. Our team realized very early on that a worthy social movement can only be created if it were sustainable in nature. Therefore involving different stakeholders across the lifecycle of a project would create a model of philanthropy that is sustainable in nature. While selecting the cause, care has to be taken to understand what people feel very strongly about, what affects them and what will kindle their minds. The values of SAHE are around Integrity –upholding the trust that our stakeholders place in us through honesty and ethical practices Empowerment - empowering the community to create social impact themselves Sustainability - focus on sustainable long term solutions Innovation - enable stakeholder collaboration to find innovative solutions that may not be conventional solutions.  Besides, philanthropy, SAHE supports several events across the city. Vision: Create a better future where every individual finds the right path towards success and contributes to make the society a better place for all Mission: Build a sustainable model of philanthropy through community involvement to create positive social impact Volunteering Opportunities: Live the Lakes: 25 volunteers for Awareness creation, Research and Community Engagement activities for 3 months with Good communication skills SAHE (Society For Advancement of Human Endeavour) (Not For Profit) A 507, Jayabheri Orange Country, Gachibowli, Hyderabad Contact: 9949996254 Email: viiveckverma@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Live-the-Lakes-137609363487934/
Cause: Conduct parent empowerment workshop series at five special schools Raising: Rs. 2,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 1000 families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities http://www.nayi-disha.org/ Raising Funds for: Problem Statement: The issue of IDD has received little attention. Lack of information is so severe that it leads to delayed or missed diagnosis, and consequently, reduced uptake of essential services that are vital for the child’s growth. This situation is further exacerbated in smaller towns with fewer resources. It is crucial to overcome these obstacles and empower families to actively participate in child’s development. Technology provides a mechanism to expand outreach and improve access to information at scale for millions of families in India. We hope to reach 1.5 million families across India in the long term.   Project Description: We have developed a web-enabled and mobile-accessible service platform that will serve as one stop shop for information needs of the families of PwIDD. All the online services ( knowledge repository in an interactive and easily accessible format, a directory of service providers with reviews and ratings, and community that facilitates peer-to-peer learning and emotional support ) are integrated with each other.   Request Summary: Our funding requirement for this year is Rs. 14,90,000: Service Provider Directory (Expansion to 4 cities) 1,68,000 Content Development ( workshops, videos, articles) 12,30,000 Website changes and hosting 92,000 Total 14,90,000   Success Factors: Success of our idea in the long term would mean that Nayi Disha becomes the digital destination for millions of families in India that are trying to help a family member with intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) reach his/her full potential. Every newly diagnosed family is connected to a strong community of similar families and they find the right fit for therapies, education and healthcare through ND platform. Families from small towns and with less access to information are also able to find the information through our platform. In the medium term we aim to connect to 30,000 parents. About the Organization: Nayi Disha is an information resource centre for families of peole with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Overburdened education and health systems in India fail to cater to the needs of parents of more than 1.5 million people with intellectual and development disabilities (PwIDD). Parents often lack the requisite information about these conditions, which leads to delayed or missed diagnosis and assessment, and consequently, reduced uptake of essential therapies and services that are vital for the child’s growth. This situation is further exacerbated in smaller towns with fewer resources (e.g., NGOs, medical experts). To overcome these obstacles and to educate and empower parents of PwIDD, we have developed a web-enabled service platform (Nayi Disha) in collaboration with various stakeholders that consists of: A knowledge repository in an interactive and easily accessible format,  A directory of service providers with reviews and ratings, and  A community that facilitates peer-to-peer learning and information exchange.  We have successfully piloted the platform in Hyderabad, which is currently being used by more than 1000 parents and around 400 service providers. We are currently expanding our knowledge repository through audio-visual content, infographics and toolkits. We are currently in the process of scaling up the service directory to other cities across India in response to requests from local organizations and parents. In the near future, we plan to expand the reach of our service model through creation of mobile application, use of local languages and enhanced interactivity. Vision: To enable individuals with IDD achieve their full potential by empowering their families with relevant information, and connecting them to other families, service providers, and organizations. Mission: To provide individuals with IDD and their families a supportive digital ecosystem of service providers (schools, hospitals, doctors, and therapists), non-governmental organizations, and other families, to help form a strong community geared towards improving their quality of life Volunteering Opportunities:  Several volunteer positions are available, both full time and part time. A brief list is provided here (detailed job descriptions are available on request):  Content specialist on Intellectual and Developmental Disability  Digital Marketing Specialist, : experience in Digital Marketing; SEO/SEM, PPC, Google Analytics and content creation for online channels   Fundraising Specialist : Experience of brand development and messaging   Graphic Designer: Exceptional design skills, production value and attention to detail  Content editor: excellent writing and editorial skills Nayi Disha Resource Centre (Not for Profit) CIE- IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad Contact: +91 9666087231 Email: prachi.deo@nayi-disha.org Website: http://www.nayi-disha.org/ https://www.facebook.com/nayidisharesourcecentre/
Cause: Capacity Building and Institutional Development of Farmer’s Groups in the field of Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods Raising: Rs. 1,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 4,000 (direct), 15000 (indirect) Raising Funds for: Problem Statement:  The rural communities of Dantewada are dependent on the surrounding natural resources for their livelihoods where the main sources are forest and farming. However, with increasing population, degradation of diversity, depletion in the size of the forest and due to the pressure of the outside world, the forest based livelihoods is becoming increasingly vulnerable and nonviable. On the other hand agriculture is mainly practiced as a means of subsistence. Due to several factors like low productivity, primitive techniques, unavailability of market, etc., it also fails to provide a strong alternative livelihood. The extremely low economic income and declining conventional sources of livelihoods are inadequate to meet the growing aspirations of the people. This has a direct impact on various aspects of life such as health, nutrition, education and standard of living. Therefore, there is a need of strengthening existing good practices of cultivation, introducing new techniques to improve the productivity and connecting these farmers with market. In the current scenario, the food markets are flooded with fertilizer/ pesticide ridden vegetables and fruits, through this initiative of introducing organic farming to Dantewada farmers, step is taken to ensure good health and well-being of the consumers in the area and surrounding states. Project Description: In order to strengthen the livelihoods of the tribal communities an attempt is being made, incorporating diverse scopes. There is a focus on building capacity of the farmers to practice organic farming while maintaining the diversity and building upon the good traditional practices. The farmers are being institutionalized with a sense of local autonomy to ensure the sustainability. Lastly, providing farmers with an effective market linkage support so that there is more income, nutrition and food security. The market linkage is being done by establishing a Farmer’s Producer Company (FPO) owned collectively by the farmers of Dantewada. It provides a platform to these farmers to interact with the market collectively and increase their reach just from local market to different markets across the country. Therefore, with capability enhancement it also allows the farmers to fetch the best price of their produce. Currently, the FPO caters to 500 farmers directly and more than 2500 villagers indirectly. Request Summary: The funding requested will be used as revolving fund (working capital) for the FPO. Therefore, instead of its disposition as expenditure, the idea is to have the amount revolving in the system and sustaining in the long run without diminishing its value. Success Factors:  The objective is to ensure over all welfare of the tribals of Dantewada by strengthening agriculture based livelihoods where the success of the FPO will be measured with following goals: Reaching to 4000 people as direct beneficiaries by July 2018 Achieving 10-20% higher price of the produce through FPO in comparison to traditional market Achieving 5-10% yearly surplus by the FPO Building increasing returns of 10% yearly by the revolving fund Our project has successfully engaged more than 2,500 farmers in Dantewada ensuring the criticalities of the process. With strengthening of livelihoods there is a conscious focus on local autonomy of the institutions leading it on a path of sustainability by making it an evolving self- correcting system. The FPO has successfully procured 195 tonnes of produce in the first year of its operations and is currently supplying in 8 different states of India. About the Organization: Nirmaan Organization is a registered NGO started by the students of BITS Pilani in 2005 working in the areas of Education, Livelihoods and Social Leadership. In the past 12 years, Nirmaan has impacted the lives of 2,08,000+ direct beneficiaries, 5,00,000+ Indirect Beneficiaries, with 100+ passionate full time employees and 700+ strong volunteer network, with 250+ Lakhs (annually) worth of Social Impact through 5 Flagship Programs & Social innovations and 30+ projects targeting Children, Women, Youth and Farmers from diverse social backgrounds across 7 States of India supported by CSRs of several companies such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, OCL India Ltd etc., and Governments of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Assam. Vision: To build a Knowledge driven economically empowered Society. Mission: To promote grassroots social innovations, volunteerism, active citizenship and social leadership among the youth of the Nation. Volunteering Opportunities: Within the scopes of our project in Dantewada region, we are open to volunteering for different activities like needs assessment, evaluation studies, and other kind of research by volunteers. Nirmaan Organization (Not For Profit) 12/A, P.S Nagar, Masab Tank, Hyderabad Contact: 9160323532 Email: swativ.nirmaan@gmail.com www.nirmaan.org https://www.facebook.com/nirmaanorg/ https://twitter.com/nirmaanorg
Cause: Non-communicable disease (NCD) management for identified high risk urban slum population who cannot afford the services. Raising: Rs. 1,80,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 3,000 beneficiaries to be provided NanoHealth services for 6 months. Raising Funds for: We are raising these funds to provide proactive, and continuous care for NCD management amongst high-risk identified urban slum dwellers who cannot afford it, and face risk of aggravating disease that leads to further impoverishment of their condition. These individuals were identified at high-risk for NCDs during the NanoHealth’s community based screening and were advised to sign up under the NanoHealth NCD Management Care Plan. Some of these individuals enrolled under NanoHealth plan but dropped out due to financial constraints and some of them could not join the plan at all. Through these funds, we intend to provide free services to these individuals for a period of 6 months and aim at bringing their risk levels (health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI) by into normalcy by providing: Health coaching through trained community health workers (Saathis) Care management through integrated technology platform Saathis will conduct monthly screenings for the identified beneficiaries to assess their risk-levels for NCDs. Saathis will also guide high-risk patients through an appropriate care pathway and perform periodic monitoring through visits/phone calls for medication adherence, lifestyle counselling, track disease progression, and take pro-active steps to prevent development of co-morbidities. Health data of the patients will be stored and analysed in the backend to provide proactive recommendations and mitigate the risk of disease progression. NanoHealth is making efforts to partner with the government in order to provide these services to the urban slum population for long term scale plan. The 6 month results will be portrayed to the government for the effectiveness of the solution and advance the case for adopting NCD management solution such as NanoHealth. Target Group: Slum dwellers with MHI <20,000 Location: Urban slums in Hyderabad No. of beneficiaries: 3000 Monthly cost of service: Rs. 100 per user No. of months (service will be provided): 6 months Total Cost: INR 1,80,000/- Success Factors: Improved health awareness- rise in the level of knowledge of beneficiaries regarding their disease conditions, symptoms, risks and management techniques collected at quarterly intervals. Improved health behaviour- measuring adherence to medication, the time interval between recommendation to next steps of action and actual implementation for doctor visits, additional testing etc. Measuring adherence to lifestyle modifications like physical exercise, diet changes. Improved health outcomes- Reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, BMI (body mass index) of the beneficiaries. In the long term, we will track the reduction in tertiary care visits, hospitalizations of high-risk beneficiaries. Number of screenings: Total number of monthly screenings for the identified population. Reduction in hospitalizations and long-term health costs: Reduction in tertiary care visits and hospitalization incidents for the target population compared to non-target. Current health care systems (both in the public and private sectors) are heavily oriented towards reactive and fragmented care and are in no way geared address the problem of NCDs. There is less emphasis on preventive, primary and continuous care that is required to monitor long term clinical and behavioral modifications necessary to manage chronic conditions and reduce long term health costs for individuals and health systems. The project aims at providing proactive, continuous and coordinated care to address this problem. About the Organization: NanoHealth is a social enterprise providing proactive and continuous care for managing chronic conditions. It offers a unique combination of human touch and technology to combat non-communicable diseases (NCDs) at scale. Winner of the prestigious Hult Prize in 2014, NanoHealth has touched over 70,000 people across poor communities, corporates and households, bringing a deep impact in improving their health and quality of life. The company aspires to reduce the growing burden of NCDs in India and prevent premature deaths by addressing NCD related challenges like under-diagnosis, poor prescription compliance, and non-standardized treatment. Vision: Preventing premature deaths through community based NCD management. Mission: To provide integrated healthcare solution to at least 20 million people in India by 2020  Volunteering Opportunities: Name of Program: Own Your Health Campaign Duration: Dec’17-Mar’17 No. of volunteers: 5-7 volunteers Nature of work: Spread awareness in the communities we work  Skillsets: Community management, good communication skills NanoCare Health Services Pvt. Ltd. (Social Enterprise)Hogwarts Floor, Vindhya C5, IIIT-Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500 032 Contact: 9888812639 Email: priya.lakhmania@nanohealth.in www.nanohealth.in https://www.facebook.com/NanoHealth.in/ https://twitter.com/NanoHealth1
Cause: Cosmetic products to help maintain daily dose of nutrients to and prevent nutrient deficiencies. Raising: Rs. 25,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 50% women in the age group of 15-49 years Raising Funds for: Micronutrient malnutrition (MNM) affects more than 2 billion people globally. Iron deficiency Anaemia is the gravest form of MNM affecting 1.62 billion people globally. Pregnant women are highly vulnerable to anaemia, more than half the women in the child bearing age group (58%) and over 79% of children aged 6 to 8 months in India are anemic. First line approach is via supplementation and fortified food. Adherence rate for such supplements is only 37%, prompting the need for innovative interventions. Our target customers include doctors, hospitals, online stores, pharmacies etc. and the target consumers are pregnant, menstruating, menopausal, post-menopausal, adolescent women. We aim to provide multi-micronutrient supplements in cosmetic form as per WHO/UNIMMAP RDA recommendations to Urban, rural, semi-urban, tribal pregnant women. Once the technology is validated, we aim to create a line of products for general wellness, and other classes of women. A day to day product that requires little or no behavioural change and can be integrated directly into supplementation schemes. The solution improves bioavailability, reduced malabsorption. The funding would be utilised for the product scale-up and expansion. We would also track the following metrics: Number of unique BoP individuals who were clients of the organization during the reporting period; Number of States touched; Revenue generated; Further capital raised; Number of advisors; Reach; Coverage; Effective Coverage to measure the growth and scalability metrics. Existing interventions in India cost 250 INR, while our’s would be 150 INR. We would leverage existing Government of India schemes and collaborations with various State Health Departments for rolling out the product. About the Organization: Cerelia Nutritech envisions redefining the way in which nutrients are being delivered. We aim to contribute to the enrichment of the Quality of life through IP based social enterprise by developing frugal, socially inclusive innovations through the transdermal route. With our innovative, affordable technology we have developed products for tackling one of the most pressing problems of our country, Micronutrient deficiency or hidden hunger. Cerelia Nutritech’s first product offering is a novel, cost-effective, transdermal multi-micronutrient product in the form of a face cream or a similar, an everyday item used by women. AAYUH delivers iron, B12 and Folic acid, the micronutrients essential for improving the anemic state via the skin directly into the blood. The developed product will be used as an alternative system to tackle anemia by overcoming the problems of the existing interventions.   Vision: Cerelia Nutritech envisions redefining the way in which nutrients are being delivered catering the needs of a huge population offering different product portfolios for pregnant women, children under 5, geriatrics, sports, health and wellness etc. and to be a significant global player by providing innovative and effective products at affordable prices.  Mission: In the coming five years, we aim to develop platform technologies for innovative and cost-effective delivery of micronutrients.Our immediate aim is to take forward the developed platform technology for transdermal delivery of micronutrients to piloting stage and eventually in the market. Cerelia Nutritech Private Limited (Social Enterprise) BI-Lab 3, 4th Floor, BBIF, Synergy Building, IIT-Delhi, Huaz Khas, New Delhi- 110016 Contact: 9885151868 Email: kiran@cerelianutri.com www.cerelianutri.com https://www.facebook.com/cerelianutri/
Cause: vRemind focus in reducing under 5 child mortality by creating awareness about timely immunization for children below 5 years of age. Raising: Rs. 5,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 25,000 Children Raising Funds for: vRemind focus in reducing under 5 child mortality by creating awareness about timely immunization for children below 5 years of age. Drop-out rate in vaccination increases with the age of the children. More than 65% of cases after birth (6 weeks - 6th month) and repeat of the important vaccines are missed out. vRemind strives to provide timely and effective reminders by sending SMS alerts to all the registered members. This project is aimed to provide additional awareness campaigns about getting repeat and booster shots is equally important to get the full benefits of immunization. About the Organization: vRemind a social enterprise focused on providing cost effective solutions in Primary Health care and focused on children well being. vRemind - service is offered across India and has reached more than 1,50,000 beneficiaries over the last 2 years. vRemind current focus is on increase immunisation coverage for under 5 children and improve the awareness about timely vaccinations. Vision: vRemind is committed to reduce under 5 child mortality by providing awareness and timely vaccination reminders. Mission: Provide sustainable and cost effective solutions towards full immunization mission. vRemind (Social Enterprise)Plot no 76, Bandlaguda Jagir, Adj. Time school, Hyderabad Contact: 9494480513 Mail: Nagesh.vRemind@gmail.com http://vremind.org/ https://www.facebook.com/vRemind/
Cause: Ksheer Sagar-Sustained supply of purest milk to our children and financial upliftment of Local farmers through Micro-loaning. Raising: Rs. 5,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries * 30 Local Farmers – Within 5 Years span * Provide honest milk to all the customers Phase-1: 10 Farmers produce 80 litres of Pure milk per day, benefiting 320 Children Phase-2: 12 Farmers produce 200 litres of Pure milk per day, benefiting 800 Children Phase-3: 15 Farmers produce 300 litres of Pure milk per day, benefiting 1200 Children Within 5 Years span: 20 Farmers produce 500 litres of Pure milk per day, benefiting 2000 Children Raising Funds for: To bring more farmers into healthy milk ecosystem and to produce and supply more milk, Sid’s Farm came up with project ‘KSHEER SAGAR’. The project will supply purest milk to our children and financially empower the local farmers to produce pure milk through Micro-loaning. Raised amount, INR 5,00,000 would be disbursed among 10 farmers (Rs. 50,000 each), as seed investment to procure 2 Cows/ Buffaloes that can produce 6-8 liters of milk per day (cater 16-20 children) which helps them to earn Rs. 400/day. The same milk will be supplied to urban households at affordable prices, enabling them to lead healthy. Within a span of 18 months, these farmers would be able to repay the loan amount, with sustained milk production units at their farms. This collected amount is again disbursed amongst 10 more farmers as seed investment to cater more children The produced milk is marketed and bought into mainstream by Sid`s- farm. “It’s only together that we can create a healthier future for our coming generations. About the Organization:   Observing the rampant adulteration of milk, and its adverse effects on our children health, Sid’s Farm, a Social enterprise started to produce and supply Natural, Healthy, Nutritious and Purest form of Cow and Buffalo milk at fair prices in and around Hyderabad. The aim of the enterprise is to provide pure milk while ensuring that every one in the supply chain is paid fair wages. This initiative of Sid’s is applauded by many Elites, Socialites, Intellects and made them their recurring customers. On one hand, Sid’s Farm ensures that the animals are healthy and fed well, while on the other; they do not inject animals with any external hormone or antibiotic to produce extra milk. The fair price ensures that they are able to deliver quality consistently while the milk is still affordable to customers. Volunteering Opportunities: Sid’s Farm, also welcomes you and your family to visit their farm, and provide your valuable insights to make them better and practice the best.   Sid`s Farm (Social Enterprise)Near Hyderabad, Telangana 509217Contact: 8008002154 Email: shivam@sidsfarm.com Website: http://www.sidsfarm.com/https://www.facebook.com/sidsfarmhyd
Cause: Saving Babies Lives in Hyderabad Raising: Rs. 2,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 2 babies Raising Funds for: 10+ lakh children in India currently don't make it to their 1st Birthday and only 10% of Indians have health insurance today. Currently, in Telangana, the high cost of hospital treatment often prevents parents from being able to afford the life-saving treatment their child needs. We partner with a number of hospitals in Telangana who contact us when a family is in need. We pay for the treatment of these critically ill children, often newborn babies. The funding for this project would enable us to save more lives, as the funds raised go directly to this cause. We can measure the success of this project by the number of lives we save. We visit these hospitals directly and meet the families concerned. The average cost of treatment is 1-1.5 lakh. So far, we have saved more than 430 lives in Hyderabad. Help us to save more! About the Organization: Heal-a-Child Foundation helps sick children in need of medical treatment. We are one of the few organizations that help all sick children. We do not focus on a specific area of illness. Our aid is available to any sick child who needs it. Vision & Mission: Our vision is to ensure that every child in India has an equal chance of starting a healthy life. Our mission is to heal & save sick children who may not survive, not because of their illness but only because the family cannot afford to pay for medical expenses and treatment. We pledge our support to raise funds for these little ones and heal as many children as possible by collaborating with hospitals in Telangana to directly save lives. Volunteering Opportunities: We provide the opportunity, where relevant, for sponsors to visit the hospitals directly and meet the families and babies, whose  lives have been saved Heal A Child Foundation (Not For Profit) 401, 402, 3rd Floor, Fortune Atrium, Road No.36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033 Contact: 9347525646 Email:  help@heal-a-child.org Website: https://www.heal-a-child.org Facebook: @healachildfoundation  
Cause: Rabies Education Day through Schools Immersion Program (SIP) Raising: Rs. 1,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 15000 Raising Funds for: Dr. Shampur Madhusudhana Trust (Regd.) is a non-profit organization based in Bangalore and Hyderabad, which focuses with one aim, eliminate Rabies in India. Every year, Rabies causes the deaths of around 60,000 people – the majority of which are children under 15. Beginning our journey in India, where a third of the global human Rabies deaths occur, we run Awareness Programs in rural, semi-urban and low-income schools and communities. Our methods are simple, effective and replicable. We encourage communities to recognize and report rabid dogs, care for &amp; protect dogs with vaccination, and help bite victims get treatment through active and thought-provoking sessions. Lessons and Activities:We use an array of teaching methods tailored for each respective school and campaign including drawing, acting, flashcards, video, props and demonstration to deliver the message of rabies prevention and ensure it is memorable. Each section of the session has plenary activities aimed to review what has been learnt and not only to make sure all children understand the message, but also that the children take the message home to their parents, family and friends. The teachers pack include lesson plans, teachers notes, curricula links, power point presentations, worksheets, extension activities and FAQs. Monitoring:For every school we visit - we record who, when, where and what we did to teach children and communities to document our reach. We complete community and schools studies to understand the barriers and behaviors’ that perpetuate human life loss to rabies, and measure how our interventions work to address these. Our local team keep in touch with schools and communities to receive feedback, and give ongoing support. In the academic year 2017-18, Sumadhu Trust conducted various activities as follows: Rabies Awareness Days in Schools and Colleges across Bangalore i.e. 13 schools in Chikkaballapur & 2 Schools in Hyderabad. We also conducted Rally against Rabies in communities School Immersion Programs for B.Ed candidates. Annual World Rabies Day Celebrations. Funds raised are directly used to cover program costs for the volunteers to travel to schools to run various Rabies sessions to the children as per the requirement. About the Organization: Rabies Free India is a project by Dr. Shampur Madhusudhana Trust (Regd.) which was founded in 2017 with one aim, eliminate Rabies in India. Over 99% of human rabies cases are caused by an infected dog bite. Once symptoms of the disease develop, it is 100% fatal. Every year, Rabies causes the deaths of around 60,000 people – the majority of which are children under 15. Beginning our journey in India, where a third of the global human Rabies deaths occur, we run Awareness Programs in rural, semi-urban and low-income schools and communities. Rabies Free India is going to change that. Rabies is 100% preventable. We are working to prevent needless deaths from this devastating disease. Vision: To create a society free of Rabies and to develop sustainable solutions for the mental wellness of children Mission: 1) To foster cutting edge rabies research by scholars around the world. 2) To raise awareness about rabies prevention and implement rabies camps for the underserved communities. 3) To create an ecosystem to integrate innovation and solutions seamlessly. 4) To build awareness in the society about mental wellness and related issues. 5) To encourage acceptance and build an inclusive society. 6) To celebrate accomplishments and achievements and weave a new social fabric of positive reinforcement. 7) To frame sustainable solutions that is easily understandable, implementable and repeatable by the people to accomplish our vision. Volunteering Opportunities: For Rabies Awareness Sessions, we require 10 volunteers to run awareness programs in rural, semi-urban and low-income schools and communities. The duration of each session is 1hour. Dr. Shampur Madhusudana Trust (Not For Profit) JAIN Toddlers Survey No-15A, Sai Prithvi Enclave, Masjid Banda, Kondapur - 500084 Contact: 7032832069 Email: sumadhutrust@gmail.com Website: www.sumadhu.org https://www.facebook.com/madhusudana.trust.3 https://twitter.com/SumadhuTrust  
Cause: Run To Save Thalassemia Children Raising: Rs. 50,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 50 Children Raising Funds for: At Aarohi Blood Bank (ABB), We aim is to bring out the hero in everyone through blood donation. Our vision is to bridge the gap between donors and patients by raising awareness, encouraging voluntary donation through our camps and by providing it to those who cannot afford it, free of cost. About the Organization: Aarohi Blood Bank (ABB) an initiative of Aarohi (not for profit grassroots organization since 2000) operating since the last 9 years at Hyderabad with the active support of donors and volunteers. ABB operates on a unique ‘not for profit’ model of providing state of art facilities for Blood Donation, component preparation and issuance of Blood and Blood Products. ABB’s mission is to enable availability of safe blood at an affordable price to those who can afford and issue free and safe blood to those who cannot, especially to children diagnosed with thalassemia and Children with Leukemia admitted at government hospitals. Vision: A Centre of Excellence in Blood Banking, Committed to Safe and High Quality Blood for Thalassemia and Leukemia Children, free of cost , thereby enabling them an opportunity for a normal and holistic life, while canvassing Blood Donation, as only Voluntary, and, at all times, guided by principles of Compassion, Care and uncompromising adherence to Integrity. Mission: 1. To provide the high quality and safe blood and related blood products to children suffering from Thalassemia and Leukemia primarily in the Greater Hyderabad Municipality area. 2. To make blood donation 100% voluntary without any replacement donor by building individual or institutional alliances. 3. To create awareness about Thalassemia so that the incidence decreases over time. 4. To motivate and train the next generation youth leaders to ensure sustainability of the mission of Voluntary Blood Donation. Volunteering Opportunities: Run To Save Thalassemia Children Aarohi Blood Bank (ABB) (Not For Profit) Lake View Apartments 3rd Floor Road No 1 Banjara Hills Hyderabad 500034 Contact: 8096573173 Email: aarohibloodbank@gmail.com/ kaveridhiraj@gmail.com Website: aarohibloodbank.org www.facebook/aarohibloodbank  
Cause: Nutware Impact Raising: Rs. 30,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 10 Raising Funds for: To undertake skill development programs for rural partners to produce quality raw material (segregation and stitching of Sal leaves) for Vistara series products of Nutware India About the Organization: We are a Product Firm, making Luxurious Organic Products which can make difference in Livelihoods across Rural and Urban India. Our key objective of business is to bring Rural solutions to fulfill Urban needs. VISION: Strive to produce better products for better planet MISSION: Foster a new generation of sustainability Nutware Impact (Social Enterprise) Flat 103, Landmark Pristine Apartments, Road no 1, Kasani Kausalya Colony, Bachupally, Hyderabad, Telangana-500090 Contact: 8498968410 Email: emailaditya247@gmail.com Website: www.nutware.in Facebook: nutware_in Twitter: nutware_in
Cause: OORJA working for the youth community needs and being active citizens to the family, community, city, country & the world with a positive approach. Also empowering the underprivileged. Raising - Rs. 15,000 /- Expected No.of Beneficiaries -1000 Youth Raising Funds for: Working to address on Instability & Emotional Insecurity of the Youth. Target group more than 2000 adolescents & youth especially privileged, in Hyderabad. Collaborating with Adolescent Counsellors, Life & Soft Skill trainers, Yoga, Industry visits for a clarity on career thoughts. Funds utilised on spreading awareness programmes by OORJA on Training, Soft Skills, health, Emotional Intelligence, Career & Community Service etc. Involving all prospects & people for motivating the youth for a happy and positive approach towards life and the world.   About the Organization:   OORJA The Junior Jaycee wing of the JCI BANJARA HYDERABAD established in 1982 . A dynamic oorjavan youth group clothed in strength & dignity with a futuristic approach.   Vision & Mission:   The Junior Jaycee wing of the JCI Banjara Hyderabad OORJA working for the youth community needs and being active citizens to the family, community, city, country & the world with a positive approach. Also empowering the underprivileged.     Volunteering opportunities:   OORJA the Youth Energy, we will have our own volunteers, A booth with a rock band too possible, for 5k Run "the energy wave for health awareness;"   OORJA the YOUTH ENERGY (Not For Profit) D-108, ROCK LEVELZ; Road #12, Banjara Hills; 684/2, Gulmohar Avenue; Behind Heritage Fresh; Hyderabad-500034 Telangana Contact: 9874841431, 9392441431 Email: juniorjcbanjaraoorja@gmail.com www.jrjcbanjaraoorja.com (under construction) https://www.facebook.com/jrjcbanjara.oorja   https://twitter.com/juniorjcbanjara
Cause: OORJA, the YOUTH ENERGY Raising: Rs. 15000/- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 1000 Youth Raising Funds for: Working to address on Instability & Emotional Insecurity of the Youth. Target group is more than 2000 adolescents & youth especially privileged, in Hyderabad. 2) Collaborating with Adolescent Counsellors,Life & Soft Skill trainers,Yoga ,Industry visits for a clarity on career thoughts. 3)Funds utilised on spreading awareness programmes by OORJA on Training , Soft Skills ,health, Emotional Intelligence , Career & Community Service etc. 4) Involving all prospects & people for motivating the youth for a happy and positive approach towards life and world. About the Organization: OORJA The Junior Jaycee wing of the JCI BANJARA HYDERABAD established in 1982 . A dynamic oorjavan youth group clothed in strength & dignity with a futuristic approach. Vision & Mission: The Junior Jaycee wing of the JCI Banjara Hyderabad OORJA working for the youth community needs and being active citizens to the family, community, city, country & the world with a positive approach . Also empowering the underprivileged.   OORJA - The Youth Energy (Not For Profit) D-108, ROCK LEVELZ ; Road #12, Banjara Hills ; 684/2, Gulmohar Avenue; Behind Heritage Fresh ; Hyderabad-500034 Telangana Contact: 9874841431, 9392441431 Email: juniorjcbanjaraoorja@gmail.com Website: www.jrjcbanjaraoorja.com https://www.facebook.com/jrjcbanjara.oorja https://twitter.com/juniorjcbanjara