13- Climate Action

Cause: Cooperative Connect Raising: Rs. 25,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 5000 Farmers Raising Funds for: Problem Statement:  WASSAN is working with large number of farmers and their cooperatives. These farmers are engaged in environment friendly agricultural processes and producing pesticide-free food items. There is no regular and supportive markets for these products. WASSAN intends to create a good and profitable markets for these products and producers. Without these supportive markets, these farmers do not get out of distress. These farmers and cooperatives are located in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa states. Project Description: Project aims at connecting cooperatives with urban consumers through reliable, profitable and supportive markets. WASSAN aggregates the products from cooperatives/ farmers and brings them to door-steps of urban consumers through regular sales/ shop on wheels. WASSAN will motivate the farmers and support them to practice pesticide free agriculture. WASSAN will also support them to process these products locally and make them available for local markets. WASSAN intends to create a network of discerning consumers who want to improve their health by consuming healthy products produced by cooperatives from most back ward regions of India.  Project Finances: Supporting Cooperatives in Procurement of Environment Friendly Foods: Rs 10 Lakhs Establishing Processing/ Packaging Facilities at Cooperatives: Rs 8 Lakhs Branding, Transporting, and Sale of Products: Rs 7 Lakhs  Total: Rs 25 lakhs Measuring  Success of Project:  Number of Cooperatives/ Members that supplied Environment Friendly Foods to Consumers (Local/ Urban) Turn over at cooperative level Number of consumers at urban localities who are regular buyers of the products from cooperatives About the Organization: WASSAN is a national level resource support organization. WASSAN intends to improve the effectiveness of public investments on natural resource management programs, rain-fed agriculture, drinking water & sanitation programs and livelihoods. As a network based resource organization, WASSAN could reach out 400+ villages in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for watershed management, along with 30 partner NGOs. As an implementing agency, WASSAN is working in 72 villages to improve drinking water, sanitation, water for irrigation, agriculture and livelihoods. WASSAN offers a variety of support services to its partners - training, project management, fund mobilization, documentation, policy formulation, designing of new projects. WASSAN is actively working in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. WASSAN is working with 15 cooperatives (8000 farmers) these states and supporting them to get better markets in cities. Vision & Mission: Entrench participatory processes through network approach that strengthen Natural Resources Management practices to secure livelihoods of deprived communities in drought prone areas. Participatory processes include - capacity building, institutional development, networking and advocacy. Our Values Equity: Being sensitive and committed to reduce all forms of discrimination with focus on poor, dalit, adivasis and women. Participation Having faith in people’s knowledge, capacities and their institutions Collaboration Developing synergies through networking Team work Striving for quality, innovation and diversity Volunteering Opportunities: Vibrant Vikarabad - An Initiative to Convert Vikarabad into Clean and Green Town. Volunteers could join us in this process by offering their time and motivational skills on segregation of waste and environment friendly life styles. Any number of volunteers are welcome. WASSAN 12-13-452, Street No 1, Tarnaka, Hyderabad Contact: 9440621860 Email: duram123@yahoo.com www.wassan.org https://www.facebook.com/Watershed-Support-Services-and-Activities-Network-Wassan-767706903348145/
Cause: Raising Awareness on Responsible Waste Disposal Raising: Rs. 5,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 5,00,000 Raising Funds for: Improper solid waste management deteriorates public health, degrades quality of life, and pollutes local air, water and land resources. It also causes global warming and climate change and impacts the entire planet. Improper waste management is also identified as a cause of 22 human diseases and results in numerous premature deaths every year. Reaching out to the residents and explaining shocking facts about the adversities of improper waste disposal will bring a behavioral change within the citizens and thus help initiate a band wagon effect in adopting any one of the numerous solutions available. Identify three regions in the Hyderabad city where our volunteers and representatives will knock on every door to raise awareness about waste pollution and discuss available solution at the household and commercial level. Success factors: 1000 home composting kits ordered 100 requests for community level decentralized units  5000 interested residents/establishments opting in for source segregation and collection About the Organization: Ecopie is an environmentally conscious organization aggressively working towards helping societies in India to lead a clean and pollution free healthy lifestyle. The organizations focus is to make efforts in preserving natural resources by treating and processing solid waste directing it away from landfills. Ecopie through its innovative solutions and services harnesses natural resources and energy from the waste through recycling and processing. Vision: To attain a pollution free environment and help preserve and secure environment for future generations Mission: To recycle, re-utilize and redirect waste away from landfills with a commitment of relentless and responsible waste management Volunteering Opportunities: Awareness building campaign on source segregation reaching out to every household in selected communities Ecopie Services LLP (Social Enterprise) Plot No : 28, Pavan Vihar, New Bowenpally, Hyderabad - 500 011 Contact: 9989573725 Email: info@ecopie.co.in http://www.ecopie.co.in/ https://www.facebook.com/ecopie.co.in/