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Surge Impact is a Section 8, Not-for-Profit company. Our mission is to enable individuals & institutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 by unleashing the power of Entrepreneurship. A world where everyone contributes to sustainable development is what thrives us.

Surge Impact Foundation has partnered with the prestigious Freedom Hyderabad 10K Run, to be held on 24th November 2019 at People's Plaza on Necklace Road, being organized by Events now.


The goal of this partnership is to promote social change initiatives which are helping our country achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030.


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When a Runner, Runs for a Cause, part of the amount paid goes for charity and partly for the organizers

  1. For 5K Run; Rs. 350 per registration will go to the Cause supported by you.
  2. For 10K Run; Rs. 400 per registration will go to the Cause supported by you.

Causes to Support

Take part in achieving Sustainable Development Goals for building a Better Tomorrow for all of us, for all our Children and our Grandchildren. Just by Running for the below Causes or Donating to them

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  • 1- No Poverty
  • 2- Zero Hunger
  • 3- Good Health and Well-being
  • 4- Quality Education
  • 5- Gender Equality
  • 6- Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 7- Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 10- Reduced Inequality
  • 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 12- Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13- Climate Action
  • 14- Life Below Water
  • 15- Life on Land
  • 16- Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
  • 17- Partnerships to achieve the Goal
Cause: Aashirwad E.M High school & Disha-Chord High School Raising: Rs.50000/- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 800 Raising Funds for: The main challenge is to adapt the children gradutaing from the remedial school into a formal education environment at our mainstream facility. Disha-Chord High school is the first of it's kind,pioneering access to quality formal education for urban deprived children and rescued child labourers.  About the Organization: CHORD is a non- profit and non- political relief and development organization. Vision and mission: Ensuring every child is in school and learning with dignity. To implement a robust,replicable and sustainable three fold community development model to eradicate illiteracy and alleviate poverty by educating children. CHORD (Not For Profit) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : www.facebook/chordindia Project Twitter Handle : www.twitter/chord_india Project Office Address : Plot.No.496,flat.No.106,Nagasuri Enclave,Gokul plots,Opp.Blooming Dale's School,Kukatpally,Hyderabad,India-500072 Contact Full Name : R.Laxman Contact Designation : Principal Contact Phone Number : 9951203157 Contact Email :  
Cause: Gift Education by building School Raising: Rs. 5,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 500 Underprivileged Students Raising Funds for: Building ZPHS School We identify needy schools for underprivileged that are operating from dilapidated or open structures; schools that have land available but little resources to take up big ticket expenditures like construction. It is here that RTI steps in and builds School Blocks with Amenities across India to help such efforts and hands over newly constructed quality school Blocks to the school bodies. Round Table India Aims and objects: To develop the fellowship of young men through the medium of their business and professional occupations and community service activities. To encourage active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions. To promote and further international understanding friendship and co-operation. To promote the extension of the association. RTI in a Nutshell Young Men’s Club consisting of Successful Businessmen and Professionals Key Objective of Community Service focusing on Building Infrastructure for Education of Underprivileged Children Key Opportunities for Members of RTI for Personal and Professional Growth and Networking Welcome to the wonderful world of Tabling! The Round Table is internationally a friendship organisation, founded in Norwich, England by Louis Marchesi, then a Rotarian in 1927. From a small group of 8 members, today it has grown with over 40,000 members in 2700 clubs across 65 countries. Round Table India is a member of Round Table International. From the day of its inception, Round Table has been a non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian organisation offering its members the best opportunity to connect with each other, have fun whilst giving something back to their community. Round Table India has around 200 Tables located in 76 cities and towns, comprising of businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals, men who can rise above personal concerns to seek and serve the larger needs of the community. Ladies Circle India Ladies Circle India known as LC India, is a non-political and non-sectarian organization. Our membership is open to only the wives of members of Round Table. It offers opportunities for serving the community, for fostering and strengthening friendships between like-minded young women and helps create a better understanding of the obligations one owes to the society. The Ladies Circle movement first came to India in October 1968. The wives of members of Round Table No. 9 formed the first Circle in Coimbatore. The first circle- Coimbatore Ladies Circle 1 was chartered in August 1969. In January of 1970, 2 other Circles were Chartered- Madras LC 2, Calcutta LC 3, and Madras Mylapore LC 4 was chartered in February 1970. In January 1970, the then Round Table India President Tr. Krish Chitale and the Circles made LC 1 Chairperson-Shashi Ghulati, the Interim President. On March 16th, 1970 at the 1st National AGM, the first National Board was elected with Cr. Shashi Ghulati (LC 1) as President, Cr. Prasanna Madhvan - Vice President (LC 2), Cr. Indira Chandhok -Treasurer(LC4). President Shashi Gulati Nominated Cr. Suguna Devraj- Secretary (LC These were the charter board of Ladies Circle India. Ladies Circle India is over 1600 member strong with 114 active Circles spread across India. We are present in 19 states and 57 cities. Round Table India and Ladies Circle India (Not For Profit) Tr. Raj Janagam (START 148) Contact: 99493 69093 Email:
Cause: Sustainable Community Development Raising: Rs. 5000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 2000 Raising Funds for: The target population is residents of urban slums in Hyderabad and in rural areas of Vikarabad district .The socio economic condition is very poor. That is why access to health care facilities are also low. By number of beneficiaries get employeed and opt for About the Organization: Kriya Sangh Society is a non-profit organisation that is based in Rasoolpura, Secunderabad. It aims to provide innovative solutions to the problems being faced by lower income society with specific reference to health, hygiene, skills & livelihood and environment. Keeping its foundation rigid on core values such as providing accessible, affordable and quality services, the Society aims to enrich the lives of its audience through awareness, motivation, community involvement . Vision & Mission: To Eradicate inequalities and establish a community with holistic development Volunteering Opportunities: Awareness on livelihood mission, Reproductive health and basic education Kriya Sangh Society (Not For Profit) Project Office Address : 1-38-638, Indiramma Nagar, Rasoolpura, Secunderabad – 500 003, Contact Full Name : Kriya Sangh Society Contact Designation : Program Officer Contact Phone Number : 8777091908 Contact Email :  
Cause: Tharuni Swecha: Cycle to School! Raising: Rs. 500000 Expected no of Beneficiaries: 100 Underprivileged Girls Raising Funds for: 1) The Census 2011 states that the dropout rate of girls in Telangana is 38.21%, which is quite worrying. Lack of safety, Mobility and the fear of being eve-teased are the main reasons for girls to discontinue school. The dropped out girls either end up married before the legal age or struggle as Child Labourers. Even worse, they are trafficked. Education is their only means to challenge the odds, and "Cycle to School" is making it a reality! 2) To help more girls go to school daily, Tharuni, through its "Cycle to School" initiative aims to donate at least 500 bicycles a year to girls from economically poor families. No more travel hassles, as they will be more independent and empowered in their fight for education. The Cycle to School initiative prevents not only school dropouts, but also eventual child labour and child marriage of the girls, and potentially stops trafficking. 3) The funds will be utilized to purchase 100 bicycles and will be distributed to the selected needy girls from rural villages of Telangana state. Each cycle will cost Rs. 5000 which includes transportation to the concerned villages. The bicycles will be given to the girls who are studying in classes 6th to 9th, belonging to below poverty line families and are at the verge of dropping out from the school. 4) Through 'Tharuni Swecha - Cycle to School Campaign for Girls', as more girls are empowered with bicycles, they are educated and hence prevented from being married off at a young age. Lack of transportation and concerns of distance will no longer bother girls who wish to pursue their education. As a result, the dropout rates are minimized and female literacy could be improved in the long run. Tharuni has distributed about 500 bicycles in the last two years and closely monitors the beneficiaries through the balika sanghas and with the support of their school teachers. About the Organization: Tharuni works for the welfare of adolescent girls and women since 2000. Tharuni has successfully run many campaigns against child marriage, child labour, infanticide, trafficking and child sexual abuse by setting up balika sanghas in the rural villages of Telangana. Through balika sanghas Tharuni was able to transform the lives of 16000 girls over 19 years. Tharuni could stop hundreds of child marriages, bring new legislation, working closely with government in rehabilitating victims of child marriage, labour and abuse. Tharuni is the technical partner for an integrated rape crisis centre - Bharosa run by Telangana police. Vision: Empowering Adolescent Girls, Women and Aged to build a better world where there is no Discrimination. Mission: To make the adolescent girls and women attain their rightful place as equal partners with men in development, by fully harnessing their potential.  Tharuni (Not For Profit) Project Website : www. Project Facebook Page : Project Twitter Handle : Project Office Address : 27, Nagarjuna Colony, Near Champapet-X-Road Vysalinagar Post Hyderabad – 500 079 Contact Full Name : Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta Contact Designation : Founder Contact Phone Number : 9849418592 Contact Email :  
Cause: General Hub Functioning   Raising: Rs. 1,80,000/- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 700 Raising Funds for: We are raising funds for the functioning of the hub. About the Organization: The Global Shapers Community Hyderabad Hub is a community of young leaders who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to catalyse a future-ready city. Our projects are focused on bridging inequity in our city through two major approaches: We run extra-curricular programs focused on developing wellness, confidence, problem-solving skills, and digital skills in under privileged children; and we drive a culture of giving in our city and state by bridging gaps between philanthropic grant givers and seekers. We work in collaboration with a strong network of partners including the state government, corporations, and civil society organisations. Vision & Mission: The power of youth in action. The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change  Global Shapers Community, Hyderabad (Not For Profit) KPHB, Hyderabad Contact: 9701058211 Email: Website:
Cause: Mission B - The Objective of Mission B is to collect and recycle 35000 kg wastepaper to 1 lakh note books and distribute them to kids in government school across Hyderabad. Raising: Rs. 3,50,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 17,000 Destitute Children Raising Funds for: The goal of this project is to aid the destitute kids to get quality education by providing notebooks, free of cost. Mission - B is designed to address the problems in education and environment and help in solving them together. This will be achieved by collecting 35 tonnes of waste paper and recycle it to make 100,000 new notebooks. These notebooks will be distributed to the kids studying in government schools for free of cost. We had a huge success from this project last year and we have improved our processes with the required corrections to ensure that the help is reached to the needy. It costs around 3 rupees to make a new notebook and 50,000 for the transportation and logistics of the 100,000 notebooks that we will be distributing. Considering the very high success rate, we are planning to make this initiative a continuous activity in the future to make more and more kids see their dreams happening. We request you to donate as much as you can and help us as well the kids in achieving an intellectual and a sustainable future. About the Organization: Yuvatha is a change, a motto, a contribution an impact in building the society that inspires better living. From being a group of individuals to a non-profit organisation registered under civil societies act under 339/11. We have grown multiple folds since its inception. As are four chapters to every beautiful story, there are three to the organisation: Eco Hub, Helping Hands, Gifting Future and Blood Brigade. Though operating at two locales — Hyderabad and Guntur, the foundation pillars of Yuvatha have been laid by students at Hyderabad, and to this day it remains an NGO directed and administered by students. Vision & Mission: Yuvatha is born and bred for the sole purpose of giving back to the community.With hundreds of events and campaigns, we have been successful in attending the needs of almost 10000 people so far.Adopting shelter homes, oldagehomes, reforming public properties, investing in eco friendly purposes, improving the education standards in various homes. Our aim is to reform the society and put in function through 4 chapters which have define set of goals and work restlessly towards achieving them. Volunteering Opportunities: Our organisation is always keen on building young leaders who always keen in working for the betterment of the community and thus create a space where they can learn and improve the skills in various projects. As a volunteer in the organisation he can choose any of the vertical 1.Eco Hub - Environmental Issues, 2.Helping Hands - Social & Family support to 1400 kids, Gifting Future - Ensuring quality education and an inspiring future, Blood Brigade - Fulfilling the blood requirements. Yuvatha Society (Not For Profit) 2nd Floor, 1-7-139/72/A/1, Srk Nagar Golconda X Roads, Musheerabad. Hyderabad Contact: 7702029393 Email:
Cause: Support for 215 Girl Students with Basic Amenities School Kits in Rural Telangana Raising: Rs. INR 3,22,500 (INR 1500 per girl child) Expected no of Beneficiaries: 215 Girls from Government Schools in Rural Telangana Raising Funds for: The children who tend to attend Government Schools are dominantly from migrant families, first generation learners, earlier dropouts, do part-time work, sibling-care takers etc., and come from economically disadvantaged families. This is particularly difficult for girls, as many studies have shown. Through this project, our objective is to positively impact the girl child and encourage her continued attendance in schools. We will be providing two kinds of school kits, customized to their grades, addressing their basic requirements like school supplies, bags, toiletries, winter wear etc.; these items have been finalized based on discussions with girls and the school leaders. We will be considering the need and merit of girl students in awarding these kits to ensure proper utilization of the kits. We are currently raising funds to support 215 girls in 2 villages in Sadashivpet Mandal. This funding will help us to prepare this kit and deliver to the girls at their schools. About the Organization: Nirmaan Organization is a registered NGO, started by a group of students in BITS Pilani. We work in the sectors of Education, Livelihoods and Social Leadership and in the past 14 years, have touched the lives of 9.5+ lakh beneficiaries with 180+ employees and 750+ volunteers through 12 Flagship Programs and Social Innovations benefiting Children, Women, Youth and Farmers, across 8 states of India Vision: To build a Knowledge driven economically empowered Society. Mission: To promote grassroots social innovations, volunteerism, active citizenship and social leadership among the youth of the Nation. Volunteering Opportunities: Government School Adoption Program - 50 volunteers per month for conducting various awareness sessions for school students; Youth Employment Program and Women Empowerment Program: 50 volunteers per month for conducting Motivational sessions and Work readiness Training (Mock Interviews). No special skills are required except willingness to volunteer proactively. Nirmaan Organization (Not For Profit) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : Project Twitter Handle : Project Office Address : Madhapur, Hyderabad Contact Full Name : Swati Vempati Contact Designation : Lead, Fundraising and Program Design Contact Phone Number : 9961871112 Contact Email :
Cause: Imparting English and Life Skills for 2500 children and 150 teachers Raising: Rs. 5,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 2500 children and 150 teachers  Raising Funds for:   Around 60 percent of 5th graders can barely read or write passages fit for the 2nd grade. They go through a culture of learning by rote by apathetic teachers that don't equip them with any real skills for their life. They join the 48 percent of the unemployable college graduates in India mainly because they cannot read, speak or write English. After four years of intensive research in the villages of India, we've come up with an English and Life Skills curriculum. We provide school capacity building programs for affordable private schools by promoting joyful learning. We train 8 teachers per school to promote and create a culture of learning that would empower the kids with real life skills.   Now, five years later, 90 percent of the children going to schools in the villages are enrolled in higher education in colleges. All the girls are still in school.   From 2014 till now, we have worked with 480 schools, 4800 teachers and have impacted the lives of over 144,000 students.  The fund will be utilized for yearlong learning support for 2000 children and 100 teachers in low income schools in Hyderabad region. The English and Life Skills Lab (ELSL) is designed as a whole school capacity building programme. The students and teachers will learn for 120 hours in an interactive and joyful manner where language acquisition becomes a part of the lived experience rather than the theoretical structure (grammar) based approach. Team games, Theatre, Music, Stories, and Art are applied to learn creatively and critical social consciousness is built among teachers to transform traditional rote learning to purposeful learning. The donors will be invited to be part of English and Life Skills fair to celebrate the joy of learning with children to culminate the programme at the end of the year. About the Organization: Ignis Careers is a social enterprise based in Hyderabad started by passionate educators to bridge social inequities through quality education. Ignis strives to impart purposeful education for the under-served by transforming teaching and inspiring learning experiences. Ignis develops innovative, affordable and sustainable solutions to address the educational challenges faced by the poor. Since 2009, Ignis has partnered with more than 600 schools to enhance functional English and Life skills through experiential and participatory learning pedagogies. Over 200,000 children and 10,000 teachers across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, and Delhi have been part of this joyful learning journey. Vision: To improve the quality of education for the poor by enhancing their opportunities to joyfully learn English and Life skills with purpose, to tackle adversities and become self-reliant. Mission: To reach and collaborate to empower educators and children in socially vulnerable communities, to understand their need and design customized English and Life Skills Lab for their development. Volunteering Opportunities: We invite energetic and passionate volunteers who love to work for/with children in socially disadvantaged communities, who can creatively research, and teach to bring joy in learning are welcome to be part of Ignis any time. Location: Hyderabad, Telangana (villages), Andhra Pradesh (urban and rural), Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Orissa. Ignis Careers (Social Enterprise) Website: Facebook Page: Project Twitter Handle: Project Office Address : Ignis Careers 101 Skill Avenue Hill Fort Road, Near Haca Bhavan, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad - 500004 Contact Full Name : Aaron Kota Contact Designation : Assistant Branch Manager - Operations Contact Phone Number : 6302404108 | 8500547690 Contact Email :  
Project 1 Cause: Youngistaan Education Program Raising: Rs. 2,20,000/- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 300 underprivileged children  Raising Funds for: PROBLEM STATEMENT – While the school enrollment rate is at an all-time high in India, unequal access to quality education prevents many disadvantaged children (living in urban cities) from developing foundational academic skills and positive learning attitudes required to succeed in higher grades and later in life. PROJECT DESCRIPTION - Youngistaan Foundation’s out-of-school time program, Bright Spark Education uses the whole child approach and a model of social pedagogy to build foundational academic and social-emotional skills of 100 underserved learners (living in local bastis and shelter homes in Hyderabad) through a direct intervention comprising of weekly holistic education sessions, and will indirectly impact 200 children through a long-term teacher education program at a government primary school in Nizamabad. REQUEST SUMMARY: We are targeting to raise 1 lakh ten thousand rupees towards Youngistaan Education Program targeting 100 underserved students. This contribution goes towards purchasing relevant teaching and learning materials and tools, for the children's library. SUCCESS FACTORS: Our success indicators include measuring the learning levels of the children’s foundational literacy and arithmetic skills. Also, through consistent observation and interaction with the child and parents, we track the development of their social-emotional competencies. Project 2 Cause: Youngistaan Annual Carnival Raising: Rs. 2,20,000/- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 300 underprivileged children  Raising Funds for: PROBLEM STATEMENT – Due to uncaring learning environments and poor quality teaching, these children continue to struggle as below-grade learners with low motivation levels and low self-worth, which further exacerbates the learning gap, and adversely affects, both, their future employment opportunities as well as their social-emotional wellbeing. PROJECT DESCRIPTION - The full year’s toil and work culminate in the shape of a grand Annual Carnival organized by the Youngistaan Foundation for all the children who are a part of its education program as well as young girls who have benefited from menstrual hygiene awareness campaigns conducted by the NGO’s Women of Courage team. The carnival held in the first week of every December functions as a major goal that our children work towards and it keeps their motivation levels going even when they flounder or wish to give up. It is the only opportunity our children get where they can showcase their talent and perform in front of a large audience. Children are felicitated for various positive behaviors that they have shown throughout the year, namely, a strong work ethic, determination, empathy, social responsibility, and creativity amongst other things. REQUEST SUMMARY: We are targeting to raise another 1 lakh ten thousand rupees towards our Annual Carnival targeting 300 underserved children. This contribution goes towards organizing the Carnival that includes venue, food, prizes, bouncy castles, decoration, logistics, and transport. SUCCESS FACTORS: Our success indicators include measuring the learning levels of the children’s foundational literacy and arithmetic skills. Also, through consistent observation and interaction with the child and parents, we track the development of their social-emotional competencies. About the Organization: Youngistaan Foundation, a multi-award winningNGO based inHyderabad,built on a volunteer-driven model of social change, organizes young, socially aware, and responsible citizensto help underserved families/communities transform the quality of their daily lives. Registered in January 2014, Youngistaan Foundation spearheads multiple programs that make meaningful and empathetic interventions targeting the intersecting nexus of poverty, homelessness &hunger, physical and psychological distress,educational inequality, gender disparity, and cruelty towards animals. Vision and Mission: VISION: Our vision is to open up pertinent dialogues on social issues in community spaces, affirm these dialogues with impactful grassroots operations, all the while incubating young adult leadership by fostering socially just mindsets and sustainable problem-solving practices. OUR MISSION: Our mission is to engage youth by providing a platform and hands-on training about community service and to partner with corporate, social entrepreneurs, and government bodies for united action. To empathize with underserved communities & beneficiaries by building authentic connections and long-term relationships. To enable & empower youth and communities to work together to Transform lives in the present and for the future. YOUNGISTAAN FOUNDATION (Not For Profit) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : Project Twitter Handle : Project Office Address : Flat number A 104, Badruka Enclave, Above Andhra Bank, Road Number 12, Nandi Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034 Contact Full Name : Ruthvika Kavuru Contact Designation : Program coordinator at Youngistaan Foundation Contact Phone Number : 8374454611 Contact Email :  
Cause: Train 6000-10000 people in hyderabad in reaction stratergies,self defence and to help themselves and others in crime situations. Raising: Rs. 40,00,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 10,000 direct beneficiaries Raising Funds for: 1) Many physical crimes can be stopped if the potential victim knows how to defend or someone nearby helps that person. 2) Project is to train people how to handle emergency situations and also how to help others. 3) Funding will be used to arrange a place for training ,paying trainers,marketing the same to reach the info to many others, other relevant equipment and others. 4) Number of people trained is the main metric. About the organisation: LifeOfGirl is a social enterprise working for women security and empowerment. We build technology and a big volunteer base of socially responsible people to provide support to a girl is most possible ways all through her life Vision & Mission: Easier access physical,mental and digital security is our primary goal for every girl out there.The formed network will help us make her transport,stays,regular needs safer. In terms of physical security we predict, analyse and react to crime situations using technology and our volunteer base. Volunteering Opportunities: Instant security angle's, 15,000 , to help women when ever there are in Danger, Every citizen aged between 15 and 65 years with social responsibility and common sense are eligible to be an instant security volunteer. LifeOfGirl (Social Enterprise) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : Life of Girl Project Twitter Handle : Life of Girl Project Office Address : 13/1, 11, Survey no 64, 4th Floor, SBR Gateway, HUDA Techno Enclave, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081 Contact Full Name : naveen R Contact Designation : marketing lead Contact Phone Number : 8977228077 Contact Email :    
Cause: Providing Special Education to Hearing Impaired Students from underprivileged backgrounds Raising: Rs. 3,75,000 /- Expected no of Beneficiaries: 25 Children  Raising Funds for: Problem Statement : Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in humans today. WHO estimates, 360 million persons in the world are with disabling hearing loss. Approximately 8 % (32mn) of total affected population are children, majority of them are in South Asia and in sub Saharan Africa. Hearing loss is a silent and debilitating disability which affects over 24 million children in India. It is estimated that two in every 1,000 children born in India are deaf. In Telangana/Andhra Pradesh the estimated figures are six out of every 1,000 children are born with profound deafness, which is three times the national average and six times the global average. India has one of the highest deaf populations in the world with approximately 6% of the population suffering from some kind of hearing loss. Recognizing the need to provide special educational facilities to the children with hearing impairment, School for the Hearing Impaired was founded by Ashray Akruti in 1996 in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. What started with just five children and now caters to the educational needs of 550 Hearing Impaired Children. So far 250 hearing impaired children have been integrated into the normal schools, colleges and universities. 100 Hearing impaired children from outside Hyderabad avail residential facilities provided by Ashray Akruti. The organization has been following several unique techniques in imparting special education to the hearing impaired children, the main feature being that the children are encouraged to speak. The focus is to enhance the residual hearing power of the children thus encouraging the children to speak rather than rely on sign language for communication. The institution encourages participation of the mothers in effective development of their children. All the staff members are well equipped to train hearing impaired children. Children are given special training in auditory and verbal skills and also academic training as per Andhra Pradesh State Syllabus. The institution steadfastly maintains a low teacher-student ratio, which enables every child to get the individual attention.Target Group 25 Hearing Impaired Children from underprivileged backgrounds. Geographical Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India Scope of the Project Key Activities Provide Hearing Aids The school actively encourages the children to use hearing aids and trains them to listen and speak. It helps the children in using their residual hearing power. The organization provides digital hearing aids to the children as they provide right kind of amplification and support. Most of our students hail from poor families and cannot afford Hearing Aids which are priced Rs.15000 and above. Auditory Training and Speech Therapy Auditory training: At Ashray Akruti, the students are provided regular, intensive training in listening. Listening might seem easy to a person with hearing. But for a child with hearing loss, listening is often tough without proper training. Like other skills, the skill of listening also must be learned. Most children who are deaf have some hearing. This is called ‘residual hearing’. The child is helped to use this residual hearing with the help of hearing aids or cochlear implants. Speech therapy: The Speech Therapist in the organization provides one-on-one training with children to speak and develop their speech and language skills. Speech therapy is a clinical program aimed at improving speech, and language, and oral motor abilities. Academic Training Oral Aural Method of teaching and Instruction: Regular state syllabus is followed in the school and at the end of the academic program; children take appear for the tenth grade public examinations conducted by the state board. The School follows Oral Aural Method of teaching to develop speech and communication skills among the deaf students. This approach combines speech, use of residual hearing and speech reading. The child is trained to use his/her hearing and develop expressive speech. Special Educators as instructors: The Organization employs special educators to train and educate the children. Instruction to these children are individualized and tailor made to suit their intellectual capacity and residual hearing powers. At the same time, these children are given empowered with skills to cope with the ‘mainstream’ world; they are trained academically to face the school and university qualifying exams. Trained mothers to train the children: The school involves the mothers of the hearing impaired students for their effective development and to promote further learning at home. Some of the mothers have also been trained to teach the Hearing Impaired children. Many mothers are working with Ashray Akruti as teachers. Low teacher student ratio: The Organization maintains low teacher student ratio to enable each student to get the individual attention that they deserve. Visual Information in Teaching: The School relies a lot on the Visual teaching Aids to impart education to the Hearing Impaired Children. Activity/Field trip based Education: The lessons are taught through activities field trips etc. teaching is mainly hands on activity based through field trips, etc. Co-Curricular Activities The Students are encouraged to participate in Co-curricular activities like Dance, Karate, Arts & Crafts, Drawing and coloring. Although the students develop holistically, these activities have added enormous therapeutic value to the children. We have a regular Yoga, Karate and Dance teacher and PT teacher for the students. Pre- Vocational Training Ashray Akruti imparts Pre- vocational training to the hearing impaired children in Tailoring • Banjara Embroidery • Mahendi Designing • Painting Residential Facility Ashray Akruti has full-fledged residential facility which at present caters to the needs of 150 Hearing Impaired Children. A dedicated team of wardens, a home mother, cooks and ayahs work to ensure love, care and protection is given to all the students in the hostel. We ensure the children get healthy and nutritious food and a home mother to care for every 15 students. We have a dedicated school bus to take the children to the school and back, ensuring punctuality and safety.We also encourage volunteers to teach the children art, craft and games during weekends and holidays. The facility caters to mostly those from outside Hyderabad. There are students from various districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh .We also have few students from other states of India like Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Kashmir. Measurable Outcomes Listening Skills improved among Hearing Impaired Children Speech and Communication Skills improved among Hearing Impaired Children Language Skills improved among Hearing Impaired Children Academic performance improved Hearing impaired Children improving Parents’ skills improved to deal with Hearing Impaired childrenAbout the Organisation: Ashray Akruti is a registered non-profit, non-religious organization working towards providing access to quality education, health care and sustainable livelihoods to people with disability and marginalized sections of the society. Established in 1996 in Hyderabad, Telangana the organization strongly believes in the potential of persons with disability and envisions a society where people with disability lead a life of dignity as equal citizens with equitable access to opportunities. Ashray Akruti is an accredited organization certified by Credibility Alliance following norms of accountability, transparency and good governance. The organization is empaneled with the National CSR hub of Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Ashray Akruti is the NGO member on the ethics committee of Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad and the Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad. Since our inception in 1996, more than 250 hearing-impaired children have been integrated into mainstream schools, colleges and Universities. Among them, many were skilled in our Multimedia and Animation Training Centre at Sri Nagar Colony. Apart from the objective of impacting the lives of hearing impaired children with education and employment, Ashray Akruti works with people at grass root level implementing interventions like free hearing screening for new born and rehabilitation facilities for children with disabilities. Presently the organization caters to more than 550 children with disabilities across the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. VISION: Empower people with disabilities & people from underprivileged background, through quality education, health care and sustainable livelihood. MISSION: To create institutional, non-institutional and community based interventions for the people to help them become independent self-reliant and contributing citizens of the country. Ashray Akruti (Not For Profit) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : Project Twitter Handle : Project Office Address : Ashray Akruti, 8-3-1027/A2, Lane, Srinagar Colony Main Rd, opp. Indian Bank, Hyderabad, Telangana 500073 Contact Full Name : Dakshayani Contact Designation : Resource Mobilizer Contact Phone Number : 8121093335 Contact Email :    
Cause: MAHE Samskara Vidya Raising: Rs. 600000 Expected no of Beneficiaries: 12000 Raising Funds for: Over 60% children area unable to read and write even in their 6th class. And day by day children are becoming unhealthy , as per recent survey over 55% girl children are anaemic in India. The best way to empower poor children is to give them Value education which could help them for Total holistic development. As we see children becoming more unhealthy, addicted to junk foods, media and gadgets. This is deteriorating their life and also damaging social value system. It is dangerous situation now. Any free material giving is making them much more irresponsible. So it is very high priority for this world to bring positive change and make education useful for their life. Let us save our children and save our mother earth. So Manavata has been working on Value education. This program already proved in different schools and communities. So this year we have initiated this program extending to 1000 schools. About the Organization: Manavata means Humanity in Sanskrit - the human virtue of tending and befriending others through love, kindness and social intelligence. It is from this very spirit that 'Manavata', a voluntary, not-for-profit, humanitarian organization, was born over two decades ago, with a mission to create a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H) world. Conceived and driven by young, entrepreneur and social agent Srinivasa Alluri’s vision, Manavata spreads 3H consciousness through each volunteer, each standing for a selfless cause, and setting an example. What began as a seed has grown into a large tree, providing its abundance and shade to many. Today, Manavata runs several social initiatives in health, education, environment and humanitarian aid worldwide. Apart from implementing initiatives on its own, Manavata provides a platform for individuals and organizations to take the 3H initiatives forward. With over 8000 volunteers and growing, 57 chapters in six countries, registered charity in India, UK and USA, activities that encompass Tree Plantation, Natural Farming, Humanitarian Aid, Value Based Education, Child care, Blood donation, Healthy Living and Self-employment Training, Manavata’s relentless work over the past two decades has been awarded with a special consultative status at the United Nations ECOSOC in 2012. Vision & Mission: To Create Healthy, Happy and Harmonious world! To provide Holistic and Value education to make children healthy, honest and responsible citizens. Volunteering Opportunities: Samskara Vidya Program needs 1000 volunteers: This program aims at providing Value Education to 1000 government schools to provide quality education which include holistic development program for children. This is mainly to poor children . Volunteering can be teaching, coordination, material preparation, Organizing activity based learning, planning etc. Volunteers can help in their possible locations and area of interest. Vishwa Manavata Samastha(Not for profit) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : Project Twitter Handle : @manavataorg Project Office Address : Manavata, Sri Tower, Plot 62, KPHB 7th phase, near Hitech city MMTS bridge, Hyderabad Contact Full Name : Srinivasa Chowdary Alluri Contact Designation : Founder and President Contact Phone Number : 9966673111 Contact Email :  
Cause: We will be distributing 1000 cloth pads among women, train them how to use it, educate them on how it is going to benefit them and after 3 month we will be asking for their feedback. We will educate the women about their body, cloth pads, socio-economical benefit and empower them to try new things and enable them to use cup by providing the cloth pad. Once they realizethe ease and benefits, each of them will be empowered to advocate sustainable menstrual practices. Raising: Rs. 50,000-1,00,000 Expected no of Beneficiaries: 1000 (for a year long support) Raising Funds for: Environmental pollution due to plastic waste is a serious cause of concern of our times. Non-bio-degradable waste dumped in landfills and seas are major source of pollution. 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging worldwide of that 40% was landfilled and 32% was “leaked” to the environment polluting land and sea. Women’s hygiene products contribute to this waste to a great extent, especially disposable pads and tampons. An average woman uses almost 10,000 disposable pads amounting to over 100kgs of plastic waste her reproductive lifetime. The carbon footprint of feminine hygiene products is astronomical- especially disposable pads and tampons. A single woman can generate up to 125 Kgs of non-biodegradable waste through her menstruating years. India is a developing country with a population of 1.34 billion, out of which 323.6 million are female between the age group of 15-49. If we consider that 10% of Indian women uses disposable pads then each of them will generate at least 0.5 Kgs of waste every month. In that way, 10% of the female population in India will generate 16180 tons of waste every month. Like every medicine has side effects usage of menstrual hygiene products has fallouts too.Commercially available pads contain bleach, acetone, carcinogenic chemicals, harmful toxins and other irritants impacting women’s reproductive health in a negative way.When women avoid changing soaked pads for longer period of timeit may increase their susceptibility to reproductive tract infections (RTI) and contact dermatitis, which causes irritation, itching and vaginal reactions. Unhygienic menstrual practices lead to bacterial infections which may lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Itis a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection.Research shows evidence of TSS among women using pads and tampons. So create more awareness around sustainable menstruation and giving a better health practice for women we are raising this funds About the Organization: Our vision at Good Universe is a free and equal world where women, children and transgenders can lead a dignified and secure life. We are dedicated to transforming our society by empowering women, children and transgenders so that they have the rights over their bodies and sexuality and the resources to exercise those rights. Our mantra is simple: Girls are vital champions of equality. Girls’ and women’s lives matter. Their opinions, their dreams and their choices are significant for social progress. Volunteering Opportunities:  Name Of The Program: Sustainable city and women;No. Of Volunteers Required: 4;Nature Of Work: Facilitation (working with young people), Contain creation, Communication, and partnership; Duration & Special Skill Sets Required: 3-6 months (on-field and remote work); Name Of The Program: Sustainable Menstruation; No. Of Volunteers Required: 3; Nature Of Work: Facilitation (working with young people), Contain creation, Communication, partnership, and fundraising; Duration & Special Skill Sets Required: 3-6 months (on-field and remote work) Good Universe (Not For Profit) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : gooduniversengo Project Twitter Handle : gooduniversengo Project Office Address : 1-69, Masjith Banda, Kondapur-500084, Telangana Contact Full Name : Dr. Anusha Pilli Contact Designation : Project Head Contact Phone Number : 9705565516 Contact Email :
Cause: CABT is the controlling authority of Cricket for the Blind in Telangana, the aim of the organization is to develop and organize cricket tournaments, skill enhancement at all age groups in rural & urban areas. therefore it is an ongoing project which requires financial support to meet the expenses. Raising: Rs. 50000 and above Expected no of Beneficiaries: 250-300 Blind Cricket Aspirants Raising Funds for: Sport for the blind is a rightful pursuit, and a platform for physical and social development. The visually impaired like anybody should have the opportunity to be a part of sporting glory. Cricket in India is a religion and visually impaired are no exception. The visually impaired are equally passionate about cricket and overcome great odds to play the game. In order to create the opportunity in organizing cricket tournaments eventually, implies huge funds. About the Organization: CABT was formed with an objective to use competitive cricket to enable the visually impaired to look at life positively, gain in confidence and strive to be winners than being dependent and to broaden their outlook by providing scope to grow socially on par with normal stream society. Cricket gives them a chance to socialise with people of various cultural backgrounds and use the game as a medium to demonstrate their potential. CABT is working hard towards the development and spreading awareness about Blind Cricket among the public. For last one year, CABT has organized various level of cricket events which have gained abselute attention not only from the players but also from MNCs like F.T., Amazon, TTCL, TCS, Colruyt, Cognizant, IBM, RTI and others. Vision and Mission: To bring social inclusion of socially deprived by game of cricket Volunteering Opportunities: Development & Organizing Cricket tournament,Volunteers 15-22 who could train the players in coaching, communication skills, personality development etc,. on every weekend for 2-3hrs. CABT(Not For Profit) Project Website : Project Office Address : Plot no.68, Phase-2, Road-2,Agriculture Colony, Hasthinapuram, R.R Dist, Telangana Hyderabad, 500079 Contact Full Name : Mahender Vaishnav Contact Designation : General Secretary Contact Phone Number : 9989990596 Contact Email :  
Cause: FIRST LEAP Transform the lives of women by supporting their journey of empowerment! - FirstLeap by Umeed Raising: Rs. 500000 Expected no of Beneficiaries: 50 Women Raising Funds for: Out of 149 countries in the Global gender index 2018, India ranks 142 in women’s economic participation. The IMF estimates that equal participation of women in the workforce will increase India’s GDP by 27 percent. We at Umeed are addressing this problem in our FirstLeap program by empowering women, making them employment ready and adding them to the Indian workforce. Umeed believes, an empowered woman is a woman who not only has the freedom to choose but also the skills, finances & mindset to make that choice and sustain it. The Firstleap program for two months will focus on Functional Skill for their financial empowerment: Programs for building employable skills, basic grooming, communication and presentation skills with a deep focus on bridging the gap between their knowledge and aptitude and the local industry requirements. Values & Mindset for their emotional empowerment: Intensive self-awareness programs that develop women’s sense of self-worth. Sessions focus on improving women’s relationship with herself and with her family. Exposure for their social empowerment: These sessions expose the women to the world. Make them aware of their fundamental rights and duties and introduce them to various banking instruments and government saving schemes along with digital and financial literacy. The amount raised from this run will be used to empower 50 women through a very rigorous 2 month training program. Post the 2-month program, women will be provided with employment opportunities to take their very first step towards financial independence. This will kick start their longer journey of becoming empowered women contributing to the Indian economy. The impact of the program will be assessed on: Women's economic participation and independence Women’s Relationship with her Self and self worth Women’s Relationship with Family and her role in it About the Organization: Conceived with a promise to inspire and radically alter the way a woman represents herself and is represented by the society UMEED aspires to bring about an immediate and lasting difference, one of hope, dignity and security. To be able to do so, our work has at its foundation the three essential elements of Skill Building, Values & Mind-sets, and Exposure. Our vision of a gender equal society is where women have the freedom to choose and, more importantly, right skills to make that informed choice. Vision and Mission:: Umeed was founded in 2014 with a vision to empower women with the choice to make decisions and the skill and mindset to sustain them. We work with women facing abuse from urban slum communities and empower them to take better control of their lives. Volunteering Opportunities: Volunteering Opportunities: Digital Media Management, Website Development, Digital Literacy Facilitators, Product/Handicraft Designers/Artists. Volunteering opportunities range between 1 month to 1 year. UMEED(Not For Profit) Project Website : Project Facebook Page : Project Twitter Handle : umeedforwomen Project Office Address : Dipak Kumar Mandal Rd, Raj Bhavan Rd, Surya Nagar, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082 Contact Full Name : Gauri Mahendra Contact Designation : Co-Founder Contact Phone Number : 8886020919 Contact Email :